KES 2007


Name : The Korea Electronics Show 2007 (KES 2007)

Date : October 9–13, 2007

Venue : Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX)

Exhibition Product Areas : Mobile Phones, Plasma TV/LCD TVs, Notebooks, Monitors, Home Theaters, etc.

LG Electronics proudly displayed its cutting-edge digital technology at the Korea Electronics Show 2007, held from October 9-13 at KINTEX in Ilsan, Korea. Occupying a staggering 120-size stand (approximately 1,080 square meters), LG Electronics showcased a full line-up of premium displays including the Wood PDP Gallery - 102-inch Plasma TV - as well as the Broadway and Entertainer.

In addition, a new 2nd generation "Super Blu", the world's first dual-format player, was revealed together with a wide range of IT products and the latest mobile phones as part of a grand display. What's more, at the 12th annual Electronic Parts Technology Awards, organized as part of KES, LG's Super Blu Player Optical Pickup & Loader took center stage by winning first place (the President Award).

Full HD LCD TV, 120 Hz

The "Broadway" is a culmination of LCD TV technologies, providing full HD performance. Not only is it 200% clearer than contemporary HD TVs, it also has ultra high speed video capacity at 120 Hz. The "120 Hz Full HD" feature produces 120 frames of full HD images that can be transferred in the space of just one second and has more room for leverage than contemporary 60-frame-per-second systems. This results in pictures that are more true to life and the quick tempo movement of the Irish dancer's 35 steps in one second can be clearly captured with no delayed visual effects.

Model: 52LY4D, 47LY4D, 42LY4D

  • 120 Hz Live Scan: Perfect picture quality with no delayed visual effects
  • Full HD: 200% clearer HD performance
  • Wood Style: Combines modernity with Zen style
  • EyeQ: Automatic adjustment of brightness to ambient lighting to create the best viewing experience
  • TruV: Crisp images from any viewing angle

Plasma TV

It is a Plasma TV geared toward entertainment. Its "picture improvement algorithm" generates clear, real colors, perfect for a whole range of different home entertainment media including movies, sports, and games. "Game mode" makes even the darkest of pictures appear dark and uses an optimum response speed to adjust picture quality so that children will not feel their eyes tiring after spending a long time playing games. In addition, there is a five-level "power saving mode" that can save up to 40% of the normal power consumption.

Model: 50PY3DR, 50PB3DP1, 50PB4DRP, 50PC5DP, 50PC3DAP, 42PB4DRP

  • X4 Plus panel that provides clear pictures with greatly improved brightness and contrast
  • Game mode that prevents eyes from straining too much even after extended playing times
  • Power saving mode that saves up to 40% of power consumption.

2nd Generation "Super Blu"

New Scarlet is an LCD TV with a secret speaker to highly improve its sound quality.
When the TV is turned on, the red light "Secret Speakers" on both sides turn on. The sound system is 50 watts with 3.1 channels of powerful cubical sound and is tuned by the master of audio sound, Mr. Mark Levinson.
The sliding-type speakers make the TV 'fun to turn on' because it goes through a "transformer" that changes the external appearance of the TV. Also, it is full HD with 120 Hz live scan, and provides a clear image without any afterimages. The stylish design is enhanced by the red lines on the bottom and side.

  • Plays back Blu-ray discs and HD DVDs
  • Supports dual standard interactive (bi-direction) feature with built-in BD-JAVA and HDi
  • Plays back DVDs and audio CDs
  • Plays back high-definition video and audio source content without loss due to its built-in picture improvement engine and HDMI version 1.3

Premium Desktop PC & Monitor Series

"Black Picasso" is the result of sensitive design and represents the marriage of the XPION desktop PC (model: A10) and the FLATRON monitor (model: LX97WH). This is the first production from the LG art PC series, which injects the concept of "art" into the desktop PC market, governed until now by performance. The "Black Picasso" started from the question: "How would Picasso make a desktop?" and delicately reflects the customers' needs in terms of design and space. The main body is available in three colors, namely, silky black, snow white and fantasy red.

Model: LG-GC900

  • Slim PC, main body only 8.9 cm wide
  • Sliding doors around the main body and minimalist design maximized
  • Latest Intel "3 Series" Bearlake platform, Geforce8, 320GB HDD
  • 19 inch (48 cm) wide FLATRON monitor with dual hinges

LG Viewty Phone

The Viewty phone, which has been attracting considerable attention overseas, has recently been unveiled to the Korean market for the first time. The Viewty, as its name suggests, provides the pleasure of taking a photo as well as viewing a clear photo. Packed with high-quality camera features, this camera phone enables you to capture a high-definition image using a 5 mega pixel camera lens certified by Schneider-Kreuznach and edit your photo on a large, crystal clear, 3-inch display just like a professional photographer. Capable of recording ultra high speed moving images of up to 120 frames per second, the Viewty can capture a bursting water balloon in slow motion while also being able to express movement in a completely natural way.
At this show, a separately built black, round, Viewty zone, representing the phone's camera lens grabbed the attention of passers-by, promoting the phone's 3D images and providing opportunities to experience the various features of the Viewty.

Model: LG-KU990

  • High-definition photos with a 5 mega pixel camera lens certified by Schneider-Kreuznach
  • Large crisp 3-inch display
  • Auto focus and face identification
  • Image Stabilizer, one-touch shake prevention feature, and ISO800 high sensitivity photography that enables users to take a clear photo in a dark environment.