KES 2008


Name : Korea Electronics Show 2008

Date : October 14-17, 2008

Venue : KINTEX 1,2,3 Hall / i-SEDEX, IMID(4,5 Hall) Ilsan, Korea

Exhibition Product Areas : LCD / Plasma TV, Commercial MNT, Digital Appliance, Information Technology, Mobile / Wireless Communication

From the 14th to the 17th of October, LG Electronics took part in the 'KES 2008', hosted by KINTEX in Ilsan. The expo had 130 stands (Approximately 1,175m2), and LG Electronics showed 40 new products such as a 240Hz TV, IT, mobile phones, and appliances, etc.

Especially, LG Electronics showed the new 240Hz module with an S-IPS panel and a 120Hz module with comparison products. The TV with S-IPS panel received for its higher quality, video, and viewing angle compared to other products. LG also displayed premium flat-screen TVs such as the David/ David LED/ Scarlet/BOBOS and two LCD monitors (Model: W2284F-PF, W2294P-PF) with upgraded designs.

For IT products, LG showed the Notebook of the 2009 installed with Intel Centrino 2, a full line-up of 12.1, 13.3, 14.1, 15.4, 17-inch products, and mini laptops that were recently released. Furthermore, a small network attached storage (Model: N4B1) which can be utilized in homes and small business sites, was displayed.

For mobile products, LG Electronics' premium mobile phones, Secret phones (Model: LG-KF750) and a full touch phone which is the first in the world to have the mobile Franklin planner, SU-100, a key pad slide phone with an upgraded design, and the SH-470 were displayed before they were released on the market.
LG appliances also participated in this display, just as they did the previous year, and their display consisted of art designs as well as other art works in this exhibition to enlighten their 'stylish designs'.

Franklin Planner Phone

This full touch phone is the first in the world to have an electronic 'Franklin Planner' which has been evaluated as the most idealistic time management tool. A variety of hot keys increase the usability of the planner functions and the PC sync-type enables integrated time management between the mobile phone and a PC.
It is expected that Korea's first full touch phone, with a wide and clean 3-inch AMOLED screen and its slim and luxury design will upgrade the mobile phone to a successful time management tool.

Model: SU100

  • 3.0" WQVGA AMOLED display
  • Applied Mobile Franklin Planner
  • Enhanced Dictionary (Business English, Toeic)
  • 3 Mega camera
  • Memory : 40MB + external micro SD

Touch Lighting Phone

This touch lighting phone (Model: SH-470) has luxury tempered glass and an LED keypad next to the Secret. It has an 'inner lid' so it doesn't have any slits on the side and a minimized gap on the top and bottom. It is very slim, only 10.9mm thick, and has very simple design.
The visual effect is maximized by emitting lights of various colors when the user touches the touch pad in the bottom. Moreover, it shows various patterns on the LED screen such as arrows or checks along with the finger movement. In particular, it has reduced battery consumption since it has an illumination sensor to control the screen brightness depending on the external environment.

Model: SH470

  • 10.9mm Sleek Slider
  • Emotional Touch Lighting
  • Applied LED technology
  • My own sound' function providing an optimized listening environment through the customized EQ setting

LCD TV (New Scarlet)

New Scarlet is an LCD TV with a secret speaker to highly improve its sound quality.
When the TV is turned on, the red light "Secret Speakers" on both sides turn on. The sound system is 50 watts with 3.1 channels of powerful cubical sound and is tuned by the master of audio sound, Mr. Mark Levinson.
The sliding-type speakers make the TV 'fun to turn on' because it goes through a "transformer" that changes the external appearance of the TV. Also, it is full HD with 120 Hz live scan, and provides a clear image without any afterimages. The stylish design is enhanced by the red lines on the bottom and side.

Model: LG80

  • Improved the image quality through the Eye'Q green function.
  • Image quality upgrade function by connecting to PC (RGB)
  • Photo Display Show function when turning the power off or on
  • USB 2.0 (JPG/MP3)


LG70 is a perfect TV with the highest value that sports a stylish design with a full range of features, including a built-in hard disk, full HD video, and 120 Hz live scan. It is available in three models: 62, 47, and 52 inches.
Among its stylish design elements are red side lines like those in LCDTV Scarlet (LG60), a shiny chrome bar at the bottom, and a smile motif on the power button.
The built-in hard disk enables an upgraded "smart time machine feature" that lets the viewer watch past live broadcasts.
Using the 2008 "smart time machine feature," the viewer can check the recording list and the content provided in 11 thumbnails to select their desired programs at a convenient time.
The invisible speakers designed by Mark Levinson, a legend of the audio industry, provide the best sound, and even inaudible low speech can be clearly delivered with the 'clear voice' feature.

Model : 52LG70ZD

  • Full HD video, 120 Hz live scan
  • Contrast 60,000:1
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 4 HDMI 1.3 version terminals for a variety of multimedia functions

LCD TV (Scarlet)

Scarlet is presented in bold, powerful Scarlet; a stunning contrast to other conventional black tone TVs.
Invisible speakers help present a simple, elegant exterior design while their sounds resonate through the front glass. The overall result is a more far-reaching and richer sound quality when compared to conventional speakers.
Along with a 50,000:1 contrast, the highest in Korea, this TV is equipped with the latest functions such as full HD, EYEQ Green, genre setup, and data broadcast. And it is also possible to connect and play multiple high-definition media players as it has four high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) terminals.

Model: 42LG60FD

  • EyeQ Green - intelligent control of video quality (eye sight protection and 65% lower energy consumption)
  • A variety of intelligent features such as professional mode, genre setup, and clear voice
  • 4 HDMI 1.3 version terminals for a variety of multimedia functions
  • 2008 CES Innovation Award winner


PG70 was the only TV, out of all the international electronics companies, to receive the "Best of Innovations Award" at the USA 2008 CES Innovations Awards, gaining global attention even before its release.
This product is an upmarket Plasma TV that has a slim design with sleekness just like a piece of glass and a profile of just 79.6 mm (based on the 42.5 inch model, or 84 mm in the 60 inch model). This is made possible by the glass filter at the front used for the first time in the world.
It also underscored the "beauty of simplicity" by adopting invisible speakers: invisible but with much better sounds.

Model: 60/50PG70FHD

  • 120 Hz full HD
  • Korea's Unique THX (Tomlinson Holman eXperiment)-certified movie mode
  • Five power-saving modes reducing power consumption by up to 40%
  • Advanced common application platform (ACAP)
  • Four HDMI (high definition multimedia interface)

Home Theater

Home Theater's optimal sound is tuned by Mark Levinson, an audio master, with superior balance of low, middle, and high sounds. The listener will feel as if they are right in the middle of the site where the music is being played.
Listeners can listen to the dynamic sound for a long time without tiring their ears. LG's own Virtual Sound Matrix (VSM) technology makes a 5.1 channel sound like the much fuller 10.1 channel stereo sound.
With an application of the full HD 1080p upscaling technology that improves image quality, this product transforms the SD (480i) images of conventional DVD content to six times clearer, full HD-like (1080p) images.

Model : HT953TVP

  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input/output support
  • Full HD up-scaling : Displays SD DVD image as a full HD
  • USB recording : Easily save music on CDs onto an MP3 player with USB port
  • Auto EQ: Automatically selects an optimal sound field for music
  • HD AV Sync: Perfectly fixes minute differences in speeds between video and audio

Mini Notebook

LG Electronics also introduced the 10-inch Mini Notebook(X110) with a built-in Intel Atom Processor.
The product guarantees enhanced usability and combines an 80 G hard disk and keyboard with a slim, streamlined design.
Standout features include wireless LAN or 3G HSPA (High Speed Packet Access).

Model : X110

  • CPU: Intel ATOM 1.6GHz + 945GSE + ICH7M
  • Display: 10-inch WSVGA (1024*600)
  • RAM: DDR2 512MB/1GB
  • HDD: 80G /120GB HDD
  • Keyboard: 82 full-size keyboard
  • Battery life: 3 Cell battery/6Cell (optional)
  • Weight: 1.19kg
  • Wireless: HSPA with backward compatibility
    WLAN 802.11 b/g
    10/100 Ethernet


This refrigerator comes with 'Photo Etching' and a 'special attachment technology' for the front glass and has a more detailed and luxurious design.
Moreover, it has a 3-generation liner compressor to implement the lowest electricity consumption, and comes with the 'Save Cooling System' that maintains the air, temperature, and humidity at the optimal status and comes with the best functions compared to the same level products by reducing the case depth to 610mm.

Model: R-T676GFLS

  • Dimension (WHD) : 912 x 1785 x 807
  • Capacity : 635 Li
  • Energy Class : A+
  • USP / Big Capacity in Counter Depth / Air tight Crisper (Longer Fresh) / LED Interior Lamp / 35°C Speed Freezing
  • Clean & Wide H/Bar

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning function and convenience of use are more upgraded with the addition of a sensitive design.
This product has a new Magellan Mapping and Navigation system to reduce the amount of cleaning time since the existing robots clean without any distinction for the areas that have been already cleaned or not.
Especially, the color is a clean white and it has a dry-erase board that will let you write and send love messages to your family.
Standout features include wireless LAN or 3G HSPA (High Speed Packet Access).

Model : VR5806KL

  • Identifies the location cleaned. Quickly and meticulously cleans based on cell-mapping, detecting the beginning and the end of cleaning.
  • Stylish user-sensitive light, friendly as a robot pet
  • Voice announcement on the cleaner status
  • Uses Digital lithium polymer battery (Li-PB)
  • Automatic charging function after cleaning