SEK 2006

Name : The 20th Solution & Contents Exhibition of Korea (SEK 2006)

Date : June 21-24, 2006

Venue : KOEX Pacific Hall and Atlantic Hall

Organizer : Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and Ministry of Information and Communication / Manager: The Electronic Times

Size : 140 booths (about 378 pyeong)

Exhibition product : notebook PCs, monitors, PCs, MP3 players, Mobile, DTVs and more

LG participated in the 20th Solution & Contents Exhibition of Korea (SEK), Korea's largest and most comprehensive IT exhibition, which was held from June 21 to 24, 2006. LG showcased some of its best products such as 71-inch gold-plated PDP TV, flat-panel TV with built-in HD DVR, terrestrial and satellite DMB phones, and many other high-tech products that have earned design and technical competitiveness certifications, thus demonstrating the company's cutting-edge information technology. LG Electronics especially closely embraced the exhibition's concept of "Pleasure is My Choice," as it featured some of its most advanced DMB products converged with mobile phones, notebook PCs, PDAs, and MP3 playback, which effectively highlighted the company's lineup of mobile entertainment devices. It also showcased its high-tech, superbly designed built-in HD DVR TVs, Flatron Fantasy LCD monitors, and other cutting-edge display products that grabbed visitors' attention.

Next-generation time-shift LCD TV

The company showcased plasma and LCD TVs equipped with built-in HD DVRs including 71-inch gold-plated plasma TVs in this exhibition. The booth entrance featured 55- and 42-inch plasma TVs, and 42- and 47-inch LCD TVs, which are the world's first TVs to be equipped with built-in HD DVRs, which were demonstrated at the venue. Especially, the 47-inch full-HD built-in DVR LCD TV, utilizing a canvas frame, demonstrated how it can mimic canvas-framed works of art.

47-inch full-HD built in DVR LCD TV (Model: 47LB1DR)

  • Compared with HD models, it delivers full HD features with the picture quality upgraded by 200%
  • Equipped with the new digital picture enhancement XD Engine
  • Embedded with a 5th-generation reception chip for uninterrupted, crystal-clear picture.
  • Features 5.4 trillion color gradations that produce sharp images and abundant colors.
  • Brightness: 550cd/m² / Contrast ratio: 5,000:1
  • Equipped with a 250-GB disc and the built in DVR designed to automatically record up to two hours of live broadcasts.

Black Label Chocolate ΙΙ

Chocolate Phone II features a red keypad in harmony with its elegant black exterior, with its case encrusted with gold/platinum plates. The 'Black Label' logo is engraved on those plates, delivering a simple yet irresistibly sensual beauty.
A super-slim model equipped with a QVGA LCD, the Chocolate Phone II is integrated with a 512 MB MP3 player memory that stores up to 120 songs, which can also be used as a mobile disc using a USB port. Equipped with an exclusive MP3 chip, it lets the user listen to music while enjoying other diverse functions such as SMS, Internet surfing, playing games, and taking pictures.

Super-slim mobile phone Chocolate ΙΙ (Model: SV600, KV6000, LV6000)

  • A super-slim sliding model equipped with a QVGA LCD.
  • Equipped with an exclusive 512 MB MP3 disc that stores up to 120 songs
  • Provides 8 equalizer settings (Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Pop, Live, Bass, and 3D)
  • Allows the user listen to music while allowing multitasking functions such as SMS, playing games, Internet surfing, and shooting videos
  • Powerful high-brightness flash for night-time and in dark indoor places

Slim TV Phone

The company also showcased its Slim TV Phone, nicknamed "Kim Tae-hee (a famous Korean actress) Phone," which is one of the bestselling terrestrial DMB phones in the market. It once sold up to 3,000 units per day, after it was first released.
The mobile phone is 19.8 mm thick and weighs 120 g, is greatly portable, features a large-viewing-angle LCD (previously used only in general digital TVs) which can turn 170 angles vertically and horizontally and produces clear pictures. Its digital TV picture enhancement technology eXcellent Display Engine (XD Engine) allows a clear high-definition viewing.

Slim Terrestrial DMB Phone (Model: LB1500, KB1500)

  • Allows up to three and a half hours of continuous terrestrial DMB viewing
  • Large 170-degree-angle viewing: adopts LCD In-Plane Switching (IPS), allowing HD viewing from any angle
  • Equipped with the Mobile-XD Engine to ensure sharp pictures
  • Features a 260,000-color HD TFT LCD

Dual-Core Notebook PCs

LG Electronics showcased its dual-core processor-equipped notebook PCs such as its ▲ wide 15.4-inch screen multimedia notebook P1 series, ▲ 15-inch high-performance notebook M1 series, ▲ crystal-black-finish 14.1-inch wide notebook T1 series, and ▲ crystal-black-finish multimedia notebook S1 series, as well as diverse DMB notebooks.

Crystal-black-finish Notebook PC (Model: T1-5224K)

  • Winner of Reddot Design Award
  • Processor: Intel® core™ duo processor T2400 (1.83GHz,FSB 667MHz)
  • Memory: 1,024MB DDR2 667 (dual-channel memory/512 MB * 2)
  • Graphic: Intel® GMA950 (max. 256 MB Shared)
  • Screen: 14" WXGA+ (FBL) . Battery: 6 Cell Li-Ion (2600 mAh*2)

Music DMB

LG Electronics showcased its greatly-portable 'music DMB concept' terrestrial DMB viewing-MP3 player, designed (model: FM35), as well as its 8-GB built -in memory MP3 player (JM53), and FM 20/30 series mobile devices.
The Music DMB device, which integrates LG Electronics' mobile device concept, features black/white color theme and minimalist design, highlighting simple elegance and refined beauty. It comes with a 2.4-inch wide-viewing-angle LCD for clear viewing from any angle.

Flash-Type MP3 Player FM35 (Model: FM35T1K, FM35T1W)

  • Embedded with flash memory and allows DMB TV viewing and DMB FM reception
  • Adopts a 2.4-inch wide-viewing-angle TFT LCD and mobile XD Engine
  • Offers 3D surround sound, Auto-EQ Setting, and E-Book functions
  • Comes with a JPEG image viewer, song text support, book marking, and repeat functions
  • USB 2.0, and clock (alarm and sleep functions)

Fantasy Monitor

Reflecting the designers' inspirations of "Light and Humanity" based on product–user interaction, LG Electronics showcased three kinds of glossy black models of its Flatron Fantasy series such as the △ L1900J, △ L1900R, and △ L1900E

19-inch LCD Monitor (L1900J, L1900R, L1900E)

  • Fantasy designs infused with artistic inspiration
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees vertically and horizontally
  • Response time of 4 ms and brightness of 300 cd., and other advanced features, making it the world's best-performing LCDs
  • Contrast ratio: 2000:1
  • Delivers the fastest response speed without after-images on the screen

Super Multi-DVD Rewriter

LG Electronics, the world's leader in the optical storage market for 8 consecutive years, showcased an exciting lineup of its new optical storage products such as external super multi-DVD-RW (One-Touch Video-to-Disc) model equipped with AV capture functions, and Blu-ray RW.
Especially, the external DVD-RW (One-Touch Video-to-Disc) equipped with AV capture functions allows the user to connect it to a camcorder, VCR, TV and other devices to edit videos or store contents from video tapes.

External Super Multi-DVD Rewriter (GSA-5168D)

  • 16x times external Super Multi-DVD Writer
  • Can connect to an AV device for hassle-free and convenient recording and storage of videos and images in DVDs
  • Supports Light Scribe technology that allows image printing on the disc surface
  • Can record/play back all CD and DVD formats
  • Supports double-layer large-capacity 8.5-GB DVD recording