WIS 2008


Name : WIS (World IT Show)

Date : June 17 - 21, 2008

Venue : The Atlantics Hall, COEX

Exhibition Product Areas : Audio / Video, Home Theater, Home Theater, Digital Imaging, Information Technology, Mobile / Wireless Communication.

At the World IT Show that was held at the Atlantics Hall, COEX from June 17 through 21, LG Electronics showcased over 180 new products featuring the best functions and stylish designs.
The LG exhibition booth at WIS 2008 can be described as a display room like an art gallery.
Korea's celebrated interior designer, Chi-ho Kim, helped to transform it into a stylish show room.
LG's elegant state-of-the-art products were displayed against walls decorated with real-life pictures, and beautiful convex lenses of various sizes helped viewers to appreciate them.
The magnifying lenses were placed to enable viewers to catch every detail of each product.
This just spells out how confident LG is about the design of its products: "perfection with no hidden corners."
Accordingly, the main theme of the display was "Perfect Without Hide".
The most notable products in the display included a perfect TV "David" that sports a stylish design with many features, such as a built-in hard disk, full HD video, 120 Hz live scan; truly a TV with the highest value. Other stars of the show were an ultra-slim, ultra-light 13.3 inch premium notebook computer, P300, and the "Secret" phone, which is the latest model of the Black Label Series, following on from the "Chocolate" and "Shine" phones.


Following on from the Chocolate and Shine phones, the Secret, which is the third in the Black Label Series, sports a 5 megapixel camera, a slim 11.8 mm design, and a touchscreen that operates cutting-edge multimedia features, such as games, music, and a camera. It became a hit, selling 200,000 handsets in two weeks from its launch on the European market. This model was first revealed in Korea at WIS 2008.
Tempered glass was used on the front to give the "Secret" a more solid look while its back is finished in carbon fiber, with a check pattern to provide a luxurious feel.
What's more, an evolutionary "neon touchpad", located below the screen, produces concentric circles of blue neon light every time a menu button is pressed.

Model : KF750

  • 11.8 mm, 5 megapixel high-spec camera
  • Tempered glass LCD
  • Highly durable carbon materials that are used in bullet-proof vests
  • Auto luminance control
  • Low light (ISO 800) photography


The Venus phone features "InteractPad™" technology, which allows the touchscreen to change to a customized mode for each function, whether it is camera, MP3, video call, or game; meaning much easier operation for the user.
A familiar, conventional keypad mode is maintained for general call operations or text messages.
The handset is also fitted with a built-in 3 megapixel camera capable of auto focus and 12 frame-continuous shooting, as well as Bluetooth, touch game, and other multimedia features.

Model : KF600

  • Dimension [LxWxD] (mm)101.2*50.7*14.1 mm
  • Weight with Batt. Standard (g)107g
  • Standard Battery, Max (mAh)Li-lon 800mAh
  • Camera (main/sub)●/-(3 megapixels, AF, CMOS)
  • Display External LCD (pixel) #of Color
    : Upper display: 240x320, 2.0
    : Lower pad: 240x176, 1.5


LG70 is a perfect TV with the highest value that sports a stylish design with a full range of features, including a built-in hard disk, full HD video, and 120 Hz live scan. It is available in three models: 62, 47, and 52 inches.
Among its stylish design elements are red side lines like those in LCDTV Scarlet (LG60), a shiny chrome bar at the bottom, and a smile motif on the power button.
The built-in hard disk enables an upgraded "smart time machine feature" that lets the viewer watch past live broadcasts.
Using the 2008 "smart time machine feature," the viewer can check the recording list and the content provided in 11 thumbnails to select their desired programs at a convenient time.
The invisible speakers designed by Mark Levinson, a legend of the audio industry, provide the best sound, and even inaudible low speech can be clearly delivered with the 'clear voice' feature.

Model : 52LG70ZD

  • Full HD video, 120 Hz live scan
  • Contrast 60,000:1
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 4 HDMI 1.3 version terminals for a variety of multimedia functions

LCD TV Scarlet

Scarlet is presented in bold, powerful Scarlet; a stunning contrast to other conventional black tone TVs.
Invisible speakers help present a simple, elegant exterior design while their sounds resonate through the front glass. The overall result is a more far-reaching and richer sound quality when compared to conventional speakers.
Along with a 50,000:1 contrast, the highest in Korea, this TV is equipped with the latest functions such as full HD, EYEQ Green, genre setup, and data broadcast. And it is also possible to connect and play multiple high-definition media players as it has four high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) terminals.

Model : 42LG60FD

  • EyeQ Green - intelligent control of video quality (eye sight protection and 65% lower energy consumption)
  • A variety of intelligent features such as professional mode, genre setup, and clear voice
  • 4 HDMI 1.3 version terminals for a variety of multimedia functions
  • 2008 CES Innovation Award winner


PG70 was the only TV, out of all the international electronics companies, to receive the "Best of Innovations Award" at the USA 2008 CES Innovations Awards, gaining global attention even before its release.
This product is an upmarket Plasma TV that has a slim design with sleekness just like a piece of glass and a profile of just 79.6 mm (based on the 42.5 inch model, or 84 mm in the 60 inch model). This is made possible by the glass filter at the front used for the first time in the world.
It also underscored the "beauty of simplicity" by adopting invisible speakers: invisible but with much better sounds.

Model : 60/50PG70FHD

  • 120 Hz full HD
  • Korea's Unique THX (Tomlinson Holman eXperiment)-certified movie mode
  • Five power-saving modes reducing power consumption by up to 40%
  • Advanced common application platform (ACAP)
  • Four HDMI (high definition multimedia interface)


P300 (13.3 inches) is an ultra-light and ultra-slim notebook computer emphasizing portability with a premium design and has a weight of 1.6 kg and a profile of 21 mm.
The built-in Penryn CPU undergoes a 45 nm (nm: one billionth of a meter) manufacturing procedure, and thus has a higher integration level than current CPUs that are processed in the 65 nm procedure.
Maximum 6 MB L2 cache improves the overall performance of this laptop. In particular, it adopted HD (high-definition) boost technology that delivers exceptional performance when encoding and editing high-capacity photos and video.

Model : P300-SP83K

  • CPU : Penryn Core2 Duo T8300 (2.4 GHz, L2 Cache 3MB, FSB800)
  • LCD : 13.3 inch WXGA LED
  • Memory : 2 GB (DDR2 667)
  • Graphic: nVidia Geforce 8400M GS 128 MB (Turbo cache support)
  • HDD: 200 GB (Turbo memory 1 GB)

Home Theater

Home Theater's optimal sound is tuned by Mark Levinson, an audio master, with superior balance of low, middle, and high sounds. The listener will feel as if they are right in the middle of the site where the music is being played.
Listeners can listen to the dynamic sound for a long time without tiring their ears. LG's own Virtual Sound Matrix (VSM) technology makes a 5.1 channel sound like the much fuller 10.1 channel stereo sound.
With an application of the full HD 1080p upscaling technology that improves image quality, this product transforms the SD (480i) images of conventional DVD content to six times clearer, full HD-like (1080p) images.

Model : HT953TVP

  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input/output support
  • Full HD up-scaling : Displays SD DVD image as a full HD
  • USB recording : Easily save music on CDs onto an MP3 player with USB port
  • Auto EQ: Automatically selects an optimal sound field for music
  • HD AV Sync: Perfectly fixes minute differences in speeds between video and audio