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TV Commercial for LG Styler, new concept clothes manager in Korea05-Jun-2011

On the 29th December 2010 LG launched the LG Styler TV commercial in Korea. The appearance of the famous movie star couple Dong-geun Jang and So-yeong Go in this advert has created a great sensation. The curiosity of the viewer has been stirred by a short introduction of the Styler and a glimpse at the product concept. This new concept of a clothes manager incorporates a steam generator, moving hanger and heat pump system which work together to successfully remove wrinkles, deodorize, sanitize and dry clothes simultaneously to leave your clothes fresh and looking like new. The LG Styler is being launched first in the residential market, but it is expected to have great marketability in the business areas. Features of the Styler for clothes management will provide a differentiated service to customers of many businesses like hotels and restaurants and it may offer business owners a competitive edge in the market. LG Styler will be coming to the Korean market in February followed by the global market in the near future.


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