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New Concept Laundromat, “LG Laundry Lounge” in New York14-Oct-2011

LG has opened a new concept laundromat, ‘LG Laundry Lounge” in September where LG commercial washers and dryers are operated in New York.

Customers may experience “enjoyment of laundry” by using free internet and watching HD TV while their clothes are being washed or dried in ‘LG Laundry Lounge’.

LG designed laundry lounge using its brand guideline for optimized service with its leading brand image (No. 1 front loader brand in the USA).

A leading distributor and LG partner in the USA, Coinmach is operating the laundry lounge and LG products there.

LG washers in the laundry lounge have “inverter direct drive system” that enables sophisticated control and are eco-friendly products verified by “Energy Star”.

And CEE, Consortium for Energy Efficiency in the USA also showed LG’s efficiency by evaluating the LG product as a “Tier 3” product in water saving (WF; Water Factor) and energy saving (MEF; Modified Energy Factor).

The survey from LG shows how LG laundry lounge provides customers with a satisfied experience with its new concept and design as below.


Q. Do you like the shop interior and arrangement?

  • Vote total : 114 people
  • Comment
  • The interior and design are awesome.
  • I've never seen anything like this
  • before (Customer)
  • The aisles are wide, making it easy
  • to access the machines (Customer)
  • More comfortable than other Laundromats,
  • because there is so much to do (Employee)

Q. Do you like the recess zone within the lounge?

  • Vote total : 112 people
  • Comment
  • The recess zone provides a great place
  • for me to relax and unwind while
  • I’m waiting for my laundry to finish
  • (Customer)
  • There is so much for me to do while I wait,
  • I never feel bored or like I'm wasting time.
  • (Customer)


Q. Were you impressed with the LG machines overall quality?

  • Vote total : 101 people
  • Comment
  • The machines are Great. They're easy-to-use and very
  • efficient (Owner)
  • The Machines are very clean and affordable (Customer)
  • The machines feel sage enough even for children to use
  • (Customer)


Q. Did you enjoy the time you spent at the Laundry Lounge?

  • Vote total : : 108 people
  • Comment
  • For sure! It felt more like a vacation than work. I never
  • felt stressed and I actually left feeling better than when I
  • came in (Customer)
  • I liked it so much I want to recommend it to all of my
  • friends (Customer)

Local Voice

Valeria (Student, 28 years)

  • • The machines are convenient and it provides a nice place to relax with a window view
  • • The machines feel safer and more convenient to use than other shops I've visited
  • • It's cool and refreshing inside the Laundry Lounge
  • • I can even get a coffee at the "Laundry Café"

Will Smith (Customer, 51 years)

  • • The doors can open both ways on the machines making them more accessible. I think this place can make a lot of money
  • • All my items look cleaner and brighter than they did when I cleaned them at other Laundromats
  • • The machines are easy to use
  • • It seems safe for children to be around the machines
  • • This shop has a lot of advantages for families with children

Rafiki Karter (Customer, 35 years)

  • • I love it, the price is great (free drying), the interior is attractive and I can charge my i-pod, plus enjoy free Wi-Fi
  • • There are so many things for me to enjoy while waiting for my laundry
  • • I really want to recommend this place to my friends
  • • This is the most luxurious place to do laundry in the whole city

Lourdes (Employee, 29 years)

  • • It looks great and it's convenient
  • • Customers really like the restroom
  • • This place has great machines, beautiful spacious interior, and a very comfortable atmosphere
  • • The shop has youthful customers during the week and middle-age customers on the weekend

With this success story, LG plans to open more laundry lounge in USA and other countries.


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