Giant C_ Washer


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Key Features

More Efficiently
- Inverter Control
- Energy Star Qualification
- Embossed Inner Drum
More Durable
- Reliable
- Inverter Direct Drive Motor
- Stainless Wash Tub
- Triple Damper Vibration
- Low Noise
More Intelligent
- Installation Flexibility
- Remote audit & Monitoring
- Easy Programming
- Easy Repair System
- Dual Lock System
- Steel Control Panel
More Stylish
- Streamlined Design
- Stylish Exterior Design
- Tempered Glass

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More Efficiently
Inverter Control System generates less speed fluctuations and consumes the exact amount of electricity needed at every step. This not only saves you water and energy but also ensures optimum washing performance. LG commercial washers are Energy Star Qualified thanks to this technology. By choosing an energy star qualified machine you can reduce the cost of your utility bills.
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More Stylish
LG commercial laundry system will captivate people with its modern streamlined design. The stainless chrome door and tempered glass will upgrade the weariest of laundry rooms
More Durable
Inverter Direct Drive Motor increases the motor’s stability and lessens vibrations by eliminating the belt and pulley found in conventional washer motors. This in turn gives Direct Drive increased durability which translate to lower maintenance costs
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More Intelligent
AdaptAble™ Controls enable Installation Flexibility so you can determine the best products or combination of products to fit your unique commercial laundry equipment needs with space saving. LG’s unique Dual Lock System for the front panel and coin vault access provides increased security. Nobody can access the coin box without having both the internal and external security keys.
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  • More Efficiently

    Inverter Control

    Inverter Control System generates less speed fluctuations and consumes the exact amount of electricity needed at every step. This not only saves you water and energy but also ensures optimum washing performance.

    Energy Star Qualification

    Saving time, money and energy plays an important role in the environment. LG Commercial Laundry models are ENERGY STAR qualified. Choosing ENERGY STAR qualified commercial clothes washers for your laundry facilities will save you a significant amount of money and provide your residents with the best laundry performance possible. Make your property more attractive to current and prospective residents.

    Embossed Inner Drum

    The surface of the Embossing inner drum increases the amount of contact with the fabric. This creates a better washing action and removes more dirt and stains. This effect helps to separate dirt and stains from fabrics and gives clothes a deeper clean.

  • More Durable


    LG Commercial Laundry products endure at least 20,000 cycles. Supreme technology used in LG Commercial laundry systems increases reliability and stability enabling it to withstand extreme conditions.Considering most residential washers can only endure 3,000 cycles, it is proven to be the most reliable machine

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    Inverter Direct Drive Motor

    Benefit of LG Inverter Direct Drive™ Motor
    Combined Rotation and Weight Center : the motor is directly attached to the center of the drum
    • - Increased Stability, Minimal Vibration
    • - Less Noise–no frictional noise
    Fewer parts : belt and pulley has been removed.
    • - Increased durability
    • – no wear-out
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    NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub

    The rust-free stainless steel drum prevents clothes’ from staining at all times. Unlike normal painted drums, where the paint tends to chip after long usage, the scratch resistant stainless steel drum and pulsator will last you for a very long time.

    Triple Damper Vibration Reduction

    Three dampers are positioned in a three dimensional way to absorb vibrations and deliver a quieter operation. Based on independent testing, LG frontloading washers and dryers are some of the quietest in their class.

    Low Noise

    High performance.
    Amazingly quiet. The Direct Drive motor combined with insulating factors of quality construction create extremely quiet washers and dryers.

  • More Intelligent

    Installation Flexibility

    The AdaptAble™ Controls can be placed at the top of the dryer for Side-by-side installations, or moved to the bottom for a stack configuration. The control is always at a convenient height and is versatile enough to change as the customer’s needs change.

    Space can be saved by stacking the washer and dryer (with optional stacking kit).

    Remote audit & monitoring

    The washer functions and usage data can be managed and controlled wirelessly using a PDA Linked function. Also the debit system transfers laundry information to the web site, this allows the user to check the laundry progress from home.

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    Easy Programming

    Intuitive programming mode allows operators to choose and change a variety of functions and programs including price, cycle time, cycle parameter, spin speed and more. This ensures that all your washing requirements are met.

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    Easy Repair System

    If something is wrong with the machine, it can be easily opened without force. Just simply pullout the front panel and top cover. Most repairs are possible when the top cover is opened.

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    Dual Lock System

    The Dual Lock System surrounds the machines coin box, doubling security. The only way to open is with the security keys.

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    Steel Control Panel

    People want strong security to protect their lovely family, money or estate. Like great security, a strong Steel control plate can protect washers from external damage or heavy impact.

  • More Stylish

    Streamlined Design

    A streamlined exterior with impeccable styling is an appealing feature of LG Commercial laundry products. Stylish and elegant design makes it unique from usual commercial laundry products and stands up to residential laundry products.

    Stylish Exterior Design
    The chrome door and grip opens wide for easy loading and unloading of even the biggest loads. It also keeps the washer looking like new for longer.
    Tempered Glass

    The door is made of tempered glass making it more durable and less breakable. Compared to competitor’s plastic covers the glass cover does not scratch easily. The clear transparent cover allows you to conveniently check the progress of your washing.


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