forteManager ensures your viewing experience is a pleasure!

Q1. Why forteManager shows 'Information' screen on startup?
The common reasons are as follows: You may be using a Non-LG Monitor. You may have launched forteManager on the Laptop monitor The VGA/DVI cable connecting the Monitor to the PC may not be connected properly. Ensure that the cable is fixed properly! You may not be using the updated driver. Please download and install the latest video driver provided by your video card vendor. You may have plugged in a new monitor. Ensure to restart the PC after connecting new monitor or re-install the windows monitor driver and restart the PC.

Q2. Why forteManager shows 'Information' screen on startup?
Some of the options displayed by the forteManager are dependent on your Monitor features. For example: 'Auto Content' option will be available only with Monitors that support 'Fine Window'. 'Sharpness' option will be available only where the monitor supports Sharpness control. Also, there are other options that are dependent on how you have connected the Monitor to your PC. For example, Position / Tracking are available only if you have connected the Monitor to the PC over an Analog VGA cable. These options will be grayed out if you have connected the Monitor to the PC over the Digital DVI cable.

Q3. Why 'Auto Content' does not work?
Auto Content relies on the latest version of the Windows application software. For example, the current supported versions are Windows Media Player Ver 10+, and MS Office 2003. Please upgrade to the latest version of the software. Also ensure that you have installed the latest service packs.

Q4. Why forteManager does not work on Laptop?
forteManager works only with external Monitors. Hence, forteManager will not control Laptop monitors. However, you can connect an external Monitor to the Laptop and then use the forteManager to control the same.

Q5. Can I use forteManager with Non-LG monitors?
forteManager works only with Monitors manufactured by LG Electronics. So, you cannot use forteManager with monitors from other vendors.

Q6. Can forteManager control more than 2 monitors?
At present, forteManager supports only 2 monitors.

Q7. Why is forteManager showing garbage characters in my Native language?
This happens if you are using Windows 2000 with a 'Multi-language Pack'. You need to configure the language pack properly.

Q8. Why can't I enable 'Desktop Menu'?
ForteManager Desktop menu is not supported if you are using 64-bit versions of Windows operating system. This option is available only with 32 bit versions of windows operating systems.

Q9. Can I load Monitor-1 Profile onto Monitor-2?
If you save the Profile on Monitor-1, you can load the same Profile onto Monitor-2. However, if Monitor-1 supports certain features (e.g. Sharpness) and Monitor-2 does not support some of those features, then forteManager will ignore only those settings.

Q10. Why can't I see the Fine Window?
You may have enabled the 'Hide boundary lines' option within 'Ez Menu > Fine Window'. Disable this option. Note that, when Fine Window is created, by default it will be in 'Normal' mode. If you enable the 'Hide boundary lines' option and then create a Fine Window, the Fine Window will be hidden! Change the Fine Window mode to a different mode (e.g. Movie mode).

Q11. Why is the Fine Window not properly aligned with the Windows Application window?
Select the 'Display > Tracking' option. Perform an 'Auto Setup' by choosing the auto setup option. Now, the Fine Window will be properly aligned with the Application window.

Q12. Which Windows operating systems are supported by forteManager?
The following Windows OS are supported:
forteManager 3.xx
ㆍWindows 2000
ㆍWindows XP
ㆍWindows Vista
ㆍWindows 7
forteManager 2.xx
ㆍWindows 2000
ㆍWindows XP
ㆍWindows Vista

Q13. Which languages are supported by forteManager?
The following internaltional languages are currently supported:
ㆍChinese traditional
ㆍChinese Simplified

Q14. What are the video cards supported by forteManager?
Many of the popular video cards are supported by forteManager. However, if you are using a very old video card or very new video card, forteManager may not work satisfactorily. Note that forteManager is continuously enhanced to support the latest video cards. Be sure to upgrade your forteManager when a new version becomes available.

Q15. Why I am not able to uninstall forteManager from 'Control Panel'?
You can uninstall by using forteManager Install Manager program on forteManager CD.