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forteManager ensures your viewing experience is a pleasure!

forteManager 3.xx Download(Mar.02.2010)

W1952S/T, W2052S/T, W2252S/T, W2452T, W2252V, W2052V, W2600, W2284, W2452S/T/V, L227W, L207W, L197W, L1972H, L1954S/T, Wxx71TC, W261V, Wxx54 / Wxx53 Series, W2x86 Series


Note: 'forteManager 3.xx' is not compatible with 'forteManager 2.xx'. If you have used forteManager versions lower than 2.80, you need to update with the latest forteManager 2.80.

forteManager 2.xx Download(Nov. 19, 2007)

L1780, L1980, L1732, L1932, L1900, L200WJ, L1982U, L226WTQ, L196WTQ, L226WT, L206WT

forteManager V2.80

fortePivot ensures your viewing experience is a pleasure!

FortePivot 3.06 Download(Mar.02,2010)

L1x42P, L2000CP, LX742P, LX942P, Wxx42P