Discover the Super Clear Reality with IMAGEBOOSTER

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Imagebooster ON

Thank you for purchasing the LG Monitor!

To enhance web site movie experience, LG monitor comes with a special set of features called Imagebooster.
Imagebooster is the program showing upgraded picture quality for web site movie by LGE picture quality upgrading technology.
In the movie web site, Imagebooster shows upgraded movie by another overlaying window with low quality, no clear, dim, noise movies (UCC) .
When user start the Imagebooster, Imagebooster searches all the boost supportive movie in the browser. And ready to select the movie.
And user move the mouse to on the movie and if the movie is Imagebooster supportive movie, then mouse cursor change to imagebooster cursor. And user turn on imagebooster effect by clicking.
Imagebooster show up with new window. User can move Imagebooster window by mouse click.

forteManager ensures your viewing experience is a pleasure!

Thank you for purchasing the LG Monitor!

Your LG Monitor comes with unique features to make your viewing experience a pleasure.

Monitor performance varies based on many factors such as your PC, video graphics card, ambient lighting conditions etc. Hence, before starting to use your monitor, it is necessary to setup and calibrate your monitor for the best picture quality.

Introducing the new 'forteManager'. This next generation monitor control software guides you through the setup and calibration process to obtain the best picture quality. forteManager makes all adjustments and calibrations quick, simple and accurate. You no longer need to use the manual adjustment controls on the monitor.

forteManager provides two modes of operation: Wizard mode and OSD mode.

Wizard mode, the preferred method, takes you through a step-by-step process to accurately calibrate the monitor. This method obtains the best display results when completed.

OSD mode allows you to easily make changes to any single monitor setting without the need to go through a predefined sequence. This method is less accurate than Wizard mode, but allows easy access to any monitor setting.

With special features such as 'Color Calibration', 'FineWindow' and 'Auto Content Recognition', forteManager ensures that you get the best results out of your LG Monitor. Its powerful 'Profiling' feature helps you to enjoy the advanced features of the LG Monitors in a multi-user environment.

Whether you are a home user or a professional designer, you use a single display or two displays, forteManager truly enhances your Monitor features.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. LG ForteManager is a trademark of LG Electronics Inc. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft® Corp. Other trademarks and Logos are property of their respective holders.