fortePivot ensures your viewing experience is a pleasure!

Thank you for purchasing the LG Monitor!

Your LG Monitor comes with unique features to make your viewing experience a pleasure.

Historically, computer displays were viewed only in landscape (horizontal) mode. This was adequate for viewing charts, games, and databases. Today, more users are viewing web pages, emails, forms and letter or A4-paged documents. These types of applications are better viewed in full page mode where the entire contents can be viewed on the screen. Users can increase their productivity by using a display with both landscape and portrait (vertical full page) viewing modes.

fortePivot software, allows a user with a rotating display to easily switch from landscape to portrait and back, instantly.

fortePivot software allows you to easily orient the display screen in (0, 90, 180, 270) degrees respectively.

You can access the fortePivot software by accessing windows system tray option.

fortePivot supports different Monitor configurations. for e.g. Two monitors could be connected with one PC at the same time in the 'Extended Desktop\ Configuration'. fortePivot supports Monitors in 'Extended Desktop Mode'. You can attach or detach the monitors from PC using the Control Panel -> Display -> Settings options