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ImageBooster FAQ

Q1. Why Imagebooster shows menu Disabled?
The common reasons are as follows:
- You may be using a Non-LG Monitor.
- You may have launched Imagebooster on the Laptop monitor
- The DSUB/DVI cable connecting the Monitor to the PC may not be connected properly.
- You may connect the monitor with HDMI cable, Imagebooster doesn’t support HDMI.
- Ensure that the cable is fixed properly
- You may not be using the updated driver.
- Please download according to your OS and install the latest video driver provided by your video card vendor
- You may have plugged in a new monitor.
- Ensure to restart the PC after connecting new monitor or re-install the windows
- monitor driver and restart the PC.
- You may be using a monitor which doesn't support this feature.

Q2. Why Imagebooster initially shows grey Icon and then changes its color?
The grey Icon initially indicates the initialization of Imagebooster.
Initialization involves checking the monitor capabilities etc.
Once initialized and if the monitor supports Imagebooster icon color will change.

Q3. Which Windows operating systems are supported by Imagebooster?
The following Windows OS are supported:
Windows XP
Windows Vista (32bit)
Windows 7 (32bit)
Ensure that you have installed all the latest service packs.

Q4. Which languages are supported by Imagebooster?
The following international languages are currently supported:
- Chinese simplified
- Chinese traditional
- Dutch
- English
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Russian
- Spanish
- Portuguese

Q5.What are the video cards supported by Imagebooster?
Many of the popular video cards are supported by Imagebooster. However, if you are using a very old video card or very new video card, Imagebooster may not work satisfactorily. Note that Imagebooster is continuously enhanced to support the latest video cards. Be sure to upgrade your Imagebooster when a new version becomes available.

Q6. Why should we disable UAC in Window Vista / Windows 7 to install Imagebooster?
Imagebooster will not work properly if UAC is enabled, The security features in Window vista / Windows 7 makes certain application to run in low privilege mode because of which they are not able to communicate to higher privilege application like Imagebooster.

Q7.Why does error message show after removing Imagebooster from PC?
Error message can happen in case of improper installation or uninstallation of Imagebooster or other application.
Make sure a clear uninstallation and restart and then installation restart or vice-versa.

Q8. Imagebooster feature is designed for web movie only.
Dual web mainly helps user to handle multiple internet browser windows or Microsoft office applications windows effectively by tiling them horizontally.
It may not work well with other applications like games or video players as these applications might have designed with different considerations.

Q9. Why does some times there is slight delay in video/audio in the captured video of image booster
This may happen due to multiple reasons:
・System may have old video card drivers still present make sure old drivers are uninstalled before installing the new graphics card driver
・Some Heavy memory consuming process is running in the background like some game/antivirus scan.
・Some audio video is already playing in some other web page
・Some other DirectX application is running in the background and consuming the memory heavily.
・Some old DirectX Game is not uninstalled properly so that it still has its drivers and process running in background

Q10. Why there is Flicker in the Video when Image booster is used capture video from Google chrome/Firefox in Win7?
This problem occurs in Win7 Aero mode, This is because there is some compatibility issues of flash plug ins used by Google chrome and Firefox with the Image Booster DirectX Applications and the browser with the graphics card driver.
To resolve this problem either watch the video in IE or change the windows theme to non aero in case of Google chrome and Firefox.

Q11. Imagebooster is designed for web videos.
Imagebooster is designed mainly for watching videos in Streaming web sites like YouTube.
We should start the video first and then say ImageBooster On. Image booster can not detect the paused/stopped videos if the video is embedded.

Q12. Does Imagebooster support Clone mode / Extension mode / Dual mode ?
Imagebooster supports Dual Mode only, Clone mode and Extension mode is not supported.

Q13.Can we change the graphics card for better viewing quality?
Yes we can change the graphics card for better video quality experience but make sure the old graphics card drivers are uninstalled before installing the new graphics card drivers.
There may be improper results from the image booster if old and new both graphics card drivers are present in the system.

Q14. Why the Image booster System tray Icon is not visible in Win7 when we install the Image Booster and Run the same.
System tray icon has been taken quite seriously in windows 7, the windows 7 taskbar has been designed keeping in mind that system tray icons of the various third party applications should not occupy the task bar space. So, by default any program which has a system tray icon is hidden by default in windows 7 system tray.

In order to show a system tray icon in the task bar here is how you can set it to show. Take your mouse over the arrow pointing vertically upwards, you can see the text saying show hidden icons. click the arrow pointing upwards on the windows 7 taskbar, and click the customize text. After clicking customize it will open up action center where you can show the icon and notifications of a program. For ImageBooster to show the system tray icon, select the option from the drop down saying Show icon and notifications and click ok button at the bottom. That's it Done,

Q15. Why do Some times Desktop flashes when starting the image booster
Image Booster uses Mirror driver for mirroring GDI content it will be attached in case of starting the image booster to Detect the embedded/non embedded videos.
Attaching the mirror driver includes call to Change Display Settings So the Desktop flashes to adjust the new settings.
The Mirror Driver is turned on whenever you start image booster and turned off when you close the application. When it is turned on, you normally get a brief screen flash as it turns the mirror driver ON and OFF

Q16. Why does when image booster Starts shows up busy cursor and application exits, and the busy cursor never goes up in Win7 some times?
This behavior comes up when the image booster drivers are not installed properly to correct the same please uninstall the image booster and install it again with proper restart during Uninstall/Install.

Q17. Why bubble message “Imagebooster found video” is not shown sometimes?
This behavior comes up when the Imagebooster drivers for detecting the video and other background applications lock the system resource.
This may be due to the heavy CPU and GPU usage in the background. Due to this reason sometimes this bubble message is not shown to the user.

Q18. Why Imagebooster screen was stopped, when user mouse click desktop area?
When the image booster dialog is running in the High/med mode it has to be the Topmost dialog on all the applications running on desktop to process the GPU.
So if user clicks on any other application running on the desktop it remains on the Top and Video rendering runs fine. But if user clicks on the blank area of the desktop as it has got highest preference over other applications, our GPU dialog goes to Background and the video is paused to start it again user can click on the video again.