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‘Make TV Simple Again’ A Pleasant Change to Smart TVs – LG webOS

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There are 1.6 million Smart TVs households all around the world,
but an ample of these are being used as a conventional TV.
Why? Because 53% of the buyers are not too familiar with what they can do with it,
and 75% of the people feel that the smart TVs are too smart for their own good.

In this dismaying Smart TV market, its buyers can look forward to a pleasurable shift:
 LG Smart+ TV with its revolutionary webOS platform.

Featuring an intuitive user experience unmatched by any smart TV platform on the market today,
LG webOS has taken the ‘complicated’ out of Smart TV,
opening up a world of possibilities and fun for users.
Let’s take a look.

Simple Switching

One of the biggest shortcomings that smart TV audiences find inconvenient was
the lack of swiftness when switching between the channels.

Click the Home button and you will find the menu appearing on the lower margin.
Here, you can see the menu is kept to its minimal size to least obstruct your current screen.
Also, the arrangements of the menu can be customized, maximizing the usability
through instant switching of the channels as well as the autonomy of the UI.

Simple Discovery

webOS does away with the cluttered content selection screens of other platforms,
making it simple to discover the best of broadcast TV, VoD and streaming services.

LG Smart+ TV provides menu that recommends a variety of content for its users.
LG Store provides entertainment options and recommendations (based on popularity)
including games and apps, all easy to browse and sorted by the latest or the most popular,
at the touch of a button.


This simple layout allows a swift navigation and more intuitive
and quicker access to information.

Simple Connection

The preceding smart TVs have rather complex initial settings.
This daunting first impression repels the users from getting used to.
 However, this problem can easily be alleviated with a special assistance
by BeanBird on LG webOS.

BeanBird helps the users to quickly navigate through the initial settings

with a simple control and a friendly animation without a hassle every step of the way.


With this lovable character and its lucid explanation, even elderly users or those who

are new to a smart TV can expect to easily maneuver their way through.

Listen to the Voice

LG’s webOS enabled Smart+ TV and its intuitive user interface have garnered
considerable attention and earned stellar reviews
from the tech-media around the world.


Then, shall we listen to the voices of DIGITAL TRENDS and TRUSTED REVIEWS,
some of the best known tech-media,
on what they have to say about LG’s webOS?


“It sets the new standard for smat TV interfaces.”

“WebOS really is what Smart TV was always meant to be.”

“The verdict is in: webOS is awesome.”



Smart+ TV is arguably the first smart TV platform we’ve seen that’s so good it really
could be considered a reason in its own right to pick an LG TV over one from
another brand.”

“This looks to offer the kind of smart TV experience we've been secretly craving for a
long time.”


“This all works so slickly and simply that even the most technophobic TV user will have
no problem figuring it out.”


So, here we have looked at some of the major features and reviews
on the new LG Smart+ TV.


A smart TV that became smarter, LG Smart+ TV.


This simple and yet convenience-fortified features that the webOS brings
will give rise to a new turning point in the perception of a smart TV.


So, what have you got to say to your smart TV?


“The simplest, the smartest, and true to its principle.”
LG Smart+ TV takes a step further to its essence.




60" Class (59.5" Diagonal) 1080p
Smart w/ webOS 3D LED TV





55" Class (54.6" Diagonal) 1080p
Smart w/ webOS LED TV





55" Class (54.6" Diagonal) 1080p
Smart w/ webOS 3D LED TV