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When Video Artist Meets MiniBeam

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Imagine a world with portable projectors, how different would it be?

Movies on a smartphone could not even compare.


LG is always finding ways to help people live a more convenient & enjoyable life.

We began to ponder all of the great possibilities that would come about by developing a portable beam projector.

With that, the LG MiniBeam was born.

The MiniBeam is stylish enough to have won the Reddot Design Award in 2013

as well as the IDEA(International Design Excellence Awards) 2013.

It is through such meticulous, deep understanding that gave birth to the MiniBeam.

Watch your dreams come to life before your eyes with the LG MiniBeam.




A portable beam project that allows you to lay in bed and watch a movie on the bedroom ceiling or share a view of the night sky while watching a movie on a camping trip.


So what types of changes would come about if a video artist were to come across such a small projector?


We decided to find out by giving a MiniBeam to a video artist.

His name is Juan, a video artist.

We’d like to share the world he painted using the MiniBeam.

He introduced a new friend to his pet dog,

and even provided a full audience to a street violinist.


And it felt so real!

But it doesn’t end here.

The true art came to life when mounting the MiniBeam onto this MINI Cooper.

The MiniBeam was attached to the headlights to create one piece of video art.

Beautiful women pose across the crosswalk, in such a lifelike manner.

This time, the MiniBeam was mounted onto the sides of the car. What could possibly come about from this?

Passersby are intrigued and even strike a pose, taking pictures.


This realistic video offers people a sense of true art.

And just like that, the MINI Cooper becomes a supercar.


People would be shocked to see such a sight, without being able to take their eyes off such a awe-inspiring view.

This was all made possible by the smart and portable LG MiniBeam.

Don’t wait and get closer to the LG MiniBeam!




LG MiniBeam

Portable LED Projector with Built-in Digital TV Tuner