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LG Enhances Management by Appointing Reginald J. Bull as Chief Human Resources Officer

Seoul, Korea, May 22, 2008LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, announced today that the company appointed Reginald J. Bull as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHO), an Executive Vice President-level position.

Mr. Bull will direct all aspects of raising LG’s HR policies and systems up to global standards. His role includes exploring and recruiting local best-in-class talent with managerial potential as well as effectively managing resources to support the company’s global business by nurturing human resource capabilities and staff.

Mr. Bull will also improve and strengthen LG’s unified HR system, featuring integrated HR data management, consolidated grading systems and a common criteria evaluation system for all of the company’s 82,000 employees worldwide.

Mr. Bull was formerly Senior Vice President of Unilever’s Global Human Resources Transformation, which evaluated its employees’ capabilities and positioned them appropriately within the organization to create top performance. He has more than 25 years of experience in Unilever’s HR department. During this time, he dealt with more than 100 subsidiaries and 240,000 employees worldwide. Unilever was known for its localization management policy, which focused on local talent and policies to create better results in each market.

Mr. Bull was born in the United Kingdom and holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philosophy from Bradford University (UK).

As a part of LG’s efforts to enhance its position as a global brand and boost performance, the company has been filling C-suite positions with non-Korean global leaders who are overseeing marketing, supply chain and procurement. Last year, the company appointed Dermot Boden from Pfizer, as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Thomas K. Linton from IBM as Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and Didier Chenneveau from Hewlett-Packard as Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO).