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LG Sets Agenda for Next Video, Display Trends at 2008 International CES

Las Vegas, January 6, 2008 --- LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, will unveil its latest products and technologies at 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is held at Las Vegas Convention Center from January 7 through 10, 2008.

This year, LG received CES Innovations Awards for 13 products (five flat panel TVs, four mobile handsets, two home electronics products, one audio product and one video product), including the Best of Innovations Award in the video display category for its single-layer (frameless) plasma TV, the PG60. LG’s five Innovation Awards for its flat panel TV lineup is exceptional; by receiving more than 60 CES Innovations Awards over the past four years, LG has become one of the most-honored companies at the exhibition.
“CES Innovations Awards are the benchmark for cutting-edge, best-in-class consumer technology,” said Michael Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics North America. “We are honored that industry leaders again recognize LG’s commitment to delivering advanced technology and innovative design to consumers in the United States and around the world.”

LG is also setting new standards for mobile TV with its introduction of MPH (Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld) digital TV broadcast technology at CES 2008. The company is slated to unveil the technology at a demonstration scheduled on January 7 in Las Vegas, in front of more than one hundred representatives from major broadcasting and telecommunications companies.

LG’s booth is located at Booth 8214 in Central Hall, taking up 2,380 square meters. Highlights of LG’s participation at 2008 International CES include:

Display and AV Products
-Flat Panel TVs
LG presents its next-generation LCD and plasma product lineup featuring innovative designs and high-tech functionality. LG’s two new flagship TVs, the LG60 LCD TV and PG60 plasma TV, will help it achieve its 2008 sales goals.

LG’s striking new LCD TV, the LG60 is, at just 45 mm, is one of the slimmest TV available. The model has been developed as an iconic product with unconventional design and all the smartest and latest features. Featuring a Full HD 120Hz panel, it provides exceptional picture quality, which can be optimized for fast-moving images including movies, sports and games. Meanwhile, the LG60’s Intelligent Sensor automatically adjusts brightness according to the ambient environment, offering both optimized picture quality as well as a 50 percent reduction in power consumption. Incorporating LG’s Invisible Speakers, the LG60 delivers clear sound with a wide sweet spot while maintaining a seamless look.

The PG60, LG’s new plasma TV, has a clean, frameless design made possible through LG’s advanced technology. This also reflects consumer demands toward minimalism design. Incorporating Single Layer technology, LG was able to completely eliminate the usual screen border, making the set appear to be an elegant, seamless sheet of glass. This window-like, screen-only TV is more than just looks, however. The PG60 boasts a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 – the industry’s highest – which enables better black levels than ever before, and which are further enhanced by its Dual XD engine. The TV also has Full HD capabilities and Fluid Motion technology that displays images much faster than 180Hz. The PG60 similarly includes LG’s Invisible Speaker with upgraded sound quality and wider sweet spot.

Both the LG60 and PG60 have been developed based on LG’s knack for consumer insight. The company’s innovative technology has also been updated for its premium products, the LG70 and PG70, to allow Full HD wireless data streaming.

-Audio/ Video Products
Led by its award-winning dual-format Super Blu™ Player (BH200), LG expands its 2008 digital audio-video line with innovative home theater audio products tuned by renowned audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson and new portable navigation devices.

The BH200 is LG’s second generation high-def player to offer full Blu-ray disc and HD DVD playback in one device, an LG first. The LG Super Blu’s advanced BD-Java and HD DVD interactivity enables consumers to use the industry’s widest variety of high-definition content, regardless of disc format. In addition to the latest high-def disc technologies, the LG Super Blu Player also up-scales standard-def DVDs and supports audio CDs.

The 2008 digital audio-video line highlights enhanced sound quality, sleek designs and new features, such as HD radio compatibility and user-friendly touch-sensing controls.

-LCD Monitors
LG‘s flagship LCD monitors, the W52 series, combine cutting-edge performance with stylish designs that integrate into any home office or high-end professional setting. The series features Digital Fine Contrast Technology which boosts the contrast ratio to 10,000:1, one of the highest ratios available today. Another key feature of the models is “ez Zooming” technology helping users quickly change the image size and resolution with the click of a button, an ideal tool for smaller fonts or images that need to be magnified.

The company is also showcasing its L206WU monitor, which allows multi-screen users to easily connect up to six other monitors or eight notebook PCs without having to add any video cards or other hardware.

-Mobile Handsets
The newest products for 2008 on display include phones and accessories that feature the latest in touch screen technology, advanced music and TV capabilities, and Bluetooth technology. LG Mobile Phones continues to bring style and function to the wireless phone industry, and to meet the demands of today’s mobile consumer.

LG has been honored with multiple 2008 CES Innovations Awards this year for its handsets, including Voyager by LG, Venus by LG and the Muziq by LG. Voyager by LG is the first handset with an interactive touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard, and has already sold 300,000 units in its first month of U.S. release. These award-winning handsets will be on display at the LG booth.
The company will be highlighting its handsets by categories, such as camera phone (Viewty), smart phone (LG-KS20), touch screen (Venus), premium design (Shine) and music phone (Musiq). LG Trax and the new Chocolate phone will also be showcased as music phones.

Groundbreaking Technology
-Mobile Pedestrian Handheld (MPH) Digital TV Technology
The MPH in-band mobile DTV system is over-the-air Digital TV transmission technology for mobile, pedestrian and handheld devices. Based on the core technology used for existing VSB (Vestigial Side Band) standard, developed by LG’s U.S. R&D lab, this technology doesn’t require additional frequencies like DMB, DVB or MediaFlo.

Dr. Woo Paik, CTO of LG Electronics explains: “This groundbreaking MPH technology will allow people to view content at any time, from any place, while creating new revenue streams for broadcasters.”

LG developed the technology in collaboration with its subsidiary Zenith and Harris Corporation, both of which are based in the U.S. Over 50 researchers participated in the development project. KRW 7 billion has been invested since 2006.

As the rapid growth of the U.S. DTV industry will be even further accelerated due to the nation’s official shift to digital TV in 2009, when analog TV transmission will cease, the overall mobile TV market is projected to grow from USD 200 million in 2006 to USD 2.4 billion in 2008 to USD 4.1 billion in 2010.

Accordingly, markets for mobile handsets, navigation devices, notebook PCs and receiver chips are expected to grow rapidly as well. At CES, LG is demonstrating mobile phone handsets, laptop PCs, portable navigators and in-car DTVs, all with MPH chips.

Other LG offerings include notebook and mobile PC products as well as dual-format Blu-ray and HD DVD compatible drives.