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Public Disclosure


Business Plan

1. Investment Plan in Year 2003

Total amount of investment during Year 2003 will be KRW 770Bilion
(including KRW 100bilion for R&D facilities),
which is 35% more than year 2002’s KRW 570bilion.
Investment in PDP 2nd line and in mobile handset production capability
is the key investment next year.

We are planning to reinforce our market status in core business
such as mobile phones, digital TV and PDP
and also develop home-network-equipped products
and next generation communication devices as future business.

2. Business Target (Global Market Share and Ranking)

'02 Estimated Market Share  '05 Target Market Share
(ranking)          (ranking)
Mobile Handsets     3.8% (6th)           8% (5th)
Digital TV           8% (7th)          14% (2nd)
PDP              12% (5th)          23% (1st)
LCD              17% (2nd)          20% (1st)
Appliance            5.3% (6th)           8% (3rd)
Optical Storage       21.4% (1st)          27% (1st)
Digital AV           10.7% (2nd)          15% (1st)