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Public Disclosure


Election of Independent Director/Audit Committee Members


1. Date of General Shareholders' Meeting: March 14, 2003

2. Elected Independent Director

Kang Seuk-Jin
DOB : May 1939
Education : Graduate Studies, Graduate School of Business, Harvard University
Current position : Chairman, CEO Consulting Group
Professional background : Chairman, General Electric Korea
Term of office : 3 years

3. Elected Audit Committee Members

Song Byung Rak
DOB : August 1939
Education : PhD. Economics, University of Southern California
Current position : Professor of Economics, Seoul National University
Professional background : Vice President, Seoul National University
Term of office : 3 years

Kim Young-Chan
DOB : November 1942
Education : PhD. Electronics Engineering, Yonsei University
Current position : Head, Korea Education & Research Information Service
Professional background : Dean, College of Engineering, Chung-Ang University
Term of office : 3 years

Lee Jae-Hyung
DOB : July 1949
Education : B.S. Business Management, Seoul National University
Current position : Chairman, Accenture
Professional background : Member, Industry Restructuring Committee
Term of office : 3 years