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Public Disclosure


uity Investment in LG Telecom

Under the Korean Securities & Exchange Law on Public Disclosure Article 71, we state the following equity investment in public for your reference.

1.Company name(Issuer):LG Telecom, Ltd.

2.Object invested : Common shares of LG TeleCom, Ltd.

3.Value invested : KRW 150,000,000,000

4.Total value invested to party concerned : KRW 403,016,987,000

5.Purpose of investment : Participation in the capital increase with consideration to secure the funds for INT-2000 synchronous service providers consortium

6.Decision date (Board of directors resolution date): Aug 03.2001-08-06

7.The others
-Total value invested to party concerned is as of decision date
-‘Value invested’ above invested and the volume of object invested will be made in detail after Korean government’s approval for participation in synchronous service and LG Telecom’s resolution for capital increase with consideration.