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Real Materials for Timeless Design
True premium design seeks both elegance and durability, from small surface treatments to details and materials.
The black door with tempered glass and enamel coating exemplify our commitment to elegance and durability.
Real Materials for Timeless Design
Push Open Big Door
The LG SIGNATURE washer employs easy-to-use ergonomic design. Even while holding a heavy laundry basket in your hands,
the washer can be opened through a simple push with one touch. Its door is 40mm larger than doors of existing washers.
Push Open Big Door
17˚ Tilted Display & Higher Drum Height
The LG SIGNATURE washer is designed to minimize a strain to your eyes, neck, and wrist
when washing thanks to the tilted design of the door at 17 degrees. The washer was heightened with
the attached Mini Wash and the drum was designed 10cm higher.
FRESHGuard Wall
Innovative, Premium
Washing Solutions
TWINWash™ is a washing solution never existed before.
It is all about efficiency, helping you get more clothes cleaner
in less time by washing two separate loads simultaneously.
TWINWash™Mini, a pedestal type washer, helps you to give
special care for special loads of laundry.
Centum System™,
Smart Choice for Next 20years
Centum System™ with a fixed tub and damping structure
that minimize vibration & noise and it comes to low noise level,
66dB. It may be the smartest choice to experience durable
washing machine given with 20 years of Inverter Direct Drive
motor warranty.
Inverter Heat Pump Drying
Inverter Heat Pump Drying, an advanced drying technology provides delicate clothes care with 60~70°C
low temperature drying & various special courses even in lower energy consumption, A-50%.
Dual Control in One Display
You can easily and conveniently control the two of them at once with the display on the Main Wash.
Quick Circle User Interface
This unique circle LCD display in main washer let you easily and conveniently controls the two washers at once.
And also you can make your own UI through "My Pattern" which is displayed your frequently used cycles.
Auto Dosing System
Through the auto dosing function, you just fill the
detergent once and it automatically loads the proper
amount of detergent using soil sending program.
Offering convenience, a 6kg package of detergent
can provide up to 20 washings.
smart thinq
The LG SIGNATURE washer is loaded with SmartThinQ™ technology. You can operate washing
machine and receive smartphone notifications when the detergent tank is empty, download specialized
wash cycles and even track the amount of water and electricity used.