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LG Electronics Introduces a Series of DVD/VCR Players

-    Combines DVD player with high quality VCR
-    Expected to be popular to the younger consumers and newlyweds who are attracted to new products
-    Priced to be 20% lower than when buying DVD and VCR separately
-    Consumers offered a wide range of choice with diverse combination of products

With the recent explosive growth in demand for DVD players - replacing the demand for conventional VCRs, LGE has come up with a product that combines DVD with the VCR to target a niche market with the growing demand for DVD as well as the still large market presence of VCRs.

Based on its globally recognized technology in DVD players, LGE introduced two "LG DVD Player Combi" models that combined a DVD player with a hi-fi high image quality VCR.

The new products (Models LV-DV82 and LV-DV72) are based on LGE's strength in DVD players and can playback a wide range of disk formats in addition to DVD titles, MP3 CDs and audio CD/CD-R/CD-RW/VCD multi format discs.

In the case of the VCR, with 6-head hi-fi stereo as default, the products come with such educational features as "hiding subtitles", "listening with translation" and "instant repeat" available in high-end VCR products. The DVD/VTR combi product also offers a variety of cutting-edge features. For example, not only can users play DVD titles with just a touch of a button while simultaneously recording the DVD program onto a conventional videotape, users can also enjoy DVD titles while recording a TV program onto a conventional video tape.

LGE has already won high praise from Korean and global markets by introducing a variety of DVD combi products early this year including: Multi Disc DVD Player, DVD Player for Digital TV and DVD Receiver for Home Theater. The company has recently added four DVD combi products to the list (two combi products with audio, a home theater AV receiver amplifier and speaker system) to reaffirm its standing as the DVD market leader.