Why LG Solar?

The world leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, LG has been developing advanced solar technologies for many decades.

LG Photovoltaic History

1985. GoldStar Electronics, Conducted solar cell polycrystalline R&D
1988. GoldStar Industrial Systems, Developed portable solar cell technology called ‘Solar Lantern’
1989. GoldStar Central R&D Lab, Lucky Chem, Developed solar cell manufacturing technology
1989. GoldStar Industrial Systems, Developed electric power conversion technology
1989. GoldStar Industrial Systems, Established photovoltaic Power Plants (for 120 households in Jeonnam Province)
1989. GoldStar Industrial Systems, Developed an in-house solar system
1992. GoldStar Electronics, Applied for a patent to manufacture a heater and solar panel that would use naturally
        circulating solar heat to operate.
1995. LG Industrial Systems, Set up Photovoltaic traffic signs
1995. LG Industrial Systems, Established Photovoltaic Clock Towers (at 29 schools nationwide)
1998. LG Industrial Systems, Established 17 Photovoltaic Streetlights (at public parks in Incheon)
1999. LG Industrial Systems, Established Photovoltaic Power Generation System (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
        Technology (KAIST) in Daejun, Electric Research Center at Korea Electric Power Corporation)
2005. LG Chem, Conducted Solar Cell Polycrystalline R&D
2007. LG Solar Energy, Operated 14MW Solar Farm
2008. Solar Cell Research Team in LG Chem, Integrated into LG Electronics

LG Electronics’ Proven Quality Control

LG Electronic guarantees much higher quality than the industry standard through a thorough quality control system from product planning through to production and selling with LG’s unique GATE WAY systems. LG Electronics is recognized as the leading model for upholding Sigma 6 criterions.

LG Network Encompassing 84 Subsidiaries Worldwide

LG Electronics provides convenient and reliable service to its worldwide customers with a widespread network and and highly efficient product delivery system.

World Class Technology - The Desire To Be Number One

LG Electronics has been winning consumer confidence thanks to its cutting-edge R&D and technology, and continues to remain a World’s First in many other product categories. Such proud achievements are now becoming hallmarks for an innovative company that relies greatly on consumer insight as a vessel for growth.

LG re-invents the way in which we consume energy. As a global industry leader LG is introducing an entirely new approach to the development of solar cell technology, making the Earth a much safer place to live.

Solar Cell R&D Capability

LG Electronics is developing not only Mono Crystaline and Multi Crystaline products but also thin film products. It is also applying future generation R&D toward the development of all its solar technology and affiliated products. With regard to Amorphous Silion Thin Film, LG Electronics has received widespread global acclaim. Currently, there are 70 R&D experts focused solely on developing Solar technology and its related products.

Brand new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

LG Electronics is building an automated plant equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This plant will be used to manufacture highly efficient products in the most competitive ways.

Long-term, stable raw material sourcing. Top quality components

To ensure the steady supply of raw materials, LG Electronics holds contracts with prominent suppliers on a long term basis and is furnished with the top quality raw materials it receives from them. With regard to components, it buys only the best from leading suppliers.

Vertical integration business model in LG business group

LG Electronics has completed a vertical integration system beginning from raw materials to solar cell and module through the subsidiaries of LG Group, and it is now equipped with the most competitive business model .

Aggressive expansion to meet customer needs

The Solar market is expected to grow exponentially over the next 5 years. Therefore, to harness such growth, LG Electronics is planning to expand aggressively in order to meet various customers needs and to realize economies of scale.

In-house test laboratory

LG Electronics is establishing a system that will allow the development, certification and supply of products and customize them specifically to the needs of customers in a speedy manner. As a part of the system, it will operate an in-house lab for TUV and UL certification in LG Electronics Research Center by the year 2010.

Most recognized solar brand already

LG is a globally well recognized brand in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances and Mobile Communication.