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Supply Chain Green Management

LG Electronics is continuously expanding green partnerships with its suppliers which called “Green Program Plus”.


“Green Program Plus (GP Plus)” is LGE’s proprietary supply chain green management program. First implemented in 2005 to respond to regulations on managing hazardous substances, the program is now expanded to parts procurement and GHG emissions and includes second-tier and third-tier suppliers as well as primary suppliers. In accordance with internal green management standards, LG Electronics also validates and evaluates a green management system and the capacity of existing and new suppliers.

Certification Process

The certification examination only takes place at factories of companies that have passed the LG Electronics' review along with verification of the documents related to hazardous substances. For the company that passed the examination, and actual business is initiated with conclusion of a parts warranty.

Documents for Suppliers

LG Electronics distributes related information such as 'LG Electronics manual of the hazardous substance management in parts and models' both online and offline, so that its partner firms can easily adapt their operations to the GP Plus. This manual also contains detailed LGE principles and standards with regard to hazardous substance management in parts and models.

Click to download the latest version of 'LG Electronics manual of the hazardous substance management in parts and models' in each language.

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All vendors have to secure the eco-friendly quality by renewal examination continuously, after new approval.


LG Electronics provides annual training on GHG emissions management to suppliers and LGE employees. In 2012, 228 supplier staff members (Green Expert Program) and 117 LGE employees (Green Auditor Program) completed the training.