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Questionnaire & Feedback

We thank all our stakeholders for taking the time to read LG Electronics’ Sustainability Report. If you would mind taking the time to complete this questionnaire, your feedback is of great value to us and will certainly help in publishing a better report in the future.

Please check question *Please check question no. 1 *Please check question no. 2 *Please check question no. 3 *Please check question no. 4 first item *Please check question no. 4 two item *Please check question no. 4 three item *Please check question no. 4 four item *Please check question no. 4 five item *Please check question no. 5 *Please check question no. 6 *Please check question no. 7

1. Which of the following best describes you or your affiliation?

(Please specify : )

2. What motivated you to read LG Electronics’ sustainability report?

(Information type : )

(Please specify : )

3. What are your areas of interest or what information are you seeking?
(Multiple choices allowed)

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4. Please indicate how much you agree with each of the following statements.

Agree No Opinion Disagree Strongly
Contents are easy and clear to understand
Contents are reliable
Contents are sufficient in information
on necessary issues
Information is easy to find
The design is agreeable and aids understanding
of the contents

5. Which level do you agree upon the status of LGE?

6. What kind of issue will be important in the consumer electronics sector in the near future? Please suggest your concerning issue with short explanation.(Free-answer)

(Example: Universal design – Because of the increase of the elderly around the world, the need for considering them at designing stage also increase.

7. Please feel free to write down what you would like us to add/change in this report in the future or any opinion you might have concerning LG Electronics’ CSR management and sustainability report, if any. (Free-answer)

LGE’s Acquisition and Processing of Personal data

- LG Electronics handles your personal data and information confidentially, in compliance with all current information protection laws.

- LG Electronics uses your personal data and information only within the company and the group for the purposes of considering feedback given by you for the development of LGE’s sustainability activities and to be able to offer the information demanded by you.