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LG Electronics puts great energy into social contribution efforts that address local needs in the area where we operate.

LG Electronics’ employees from 89 business sites in 48 countries volunteered for our social contribution initiatives in 2015 to care local community

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In order to turn our CSR Slogan “Life’s Good with LG” into reality, LG Electronics puts great energy into social contribution efforts that empower communities in which we operate. In 2015, more than 90,000 employees from 89 business sites in 48 countries volunteered for our social contribution initiatives, including the programs presented below.

In celebration of LG Electronics’ 20 years in Brazil, LG Electronics engaged in social contribution activities in Paraisopolis, one of Sao Paulo’s poorest communities. We donated uniforms to more than 300 members from a local children’s football club and provided funding for a neighborhood orchestra and ballet troupe whose members are comprised of local children and residents

As part of our efforts to create a community where everyone is treated with consideration and kindness, we created a website where customers can share their experience of receiving such warmth and care. The heartwarming stories posted by our customers were shared across social media accounts, and the kind individual in the story that received the most number of "like" votes was selected as the winner and received an LG product voucher as a gift.

As part of our efforts to be part of “Syria is in Our Hearts” and send a message of hope to Syrians suffering from the nation's civil war. LG Electronics hosted a scholarship quiz contest and awarded a college scholarship to the final winner.

LG Electronics and LG Group affiliates in China partnered with the China Next Generation Education Foundation and ran the Happy Summer Break program, under which 1,000 college students from farming areas visit their hometowns during summer break and participate in projects that address local issues, such as delivering gifts to 3,000 children of migrant workers across the regions.

Founded by employees from the MC Company, LG IT Angels is a volunteer group that strives to enhance access to IT products and services for the disabled. For more than 13 years, members of LG IT Angels have visited severely disabled people or disabled people from multicultural families at their homes and provided one-on-one tutoring on how to use PCs and smartphones. The volunteer group also sponsored the IT Contest for Persons with Disabilities, which provides computer-savvy individuals with disabilities an opportunity to showcase their computing skills.

Since 2013, designers from the Corporate Design Center have put their artistic sensibilities and skills to good use for charitable causes. This year, the designers created family photo albums for single parent families and helped them preserve their precious memories. They also presented the children with T-shirts after drawing a picture picked by the children on the T-shirt.

Since 2006, LG Electronics has been donating prosthetic limbs to patients in Kenya who have lost limbs due to tribal conflicts, traffic and animal accidents, and diseases like Polio. Here is a heart-warming story about LG Electronics CSR activity to provide artificial legs and arms to over 700 needy people to help them start a new life.

LG Electronics Russia recently provided donations to the Konstantin Khabenskiy Charity Foundation to support children suffering from brain cancer and other brain-related diseases in Russia. The donation was raised by Smile Contests with customers and cause related marketing