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Sharing and Comfort

Our employees are actively involved in LG Electronics’ social contribution efforts, volunteering their time and talents for causes that help their communities.

Guided by the Charter of Social Contribution established in 2005 and the LG Social Contribution Policy introduced in 2012 by LG Corp.

Sharing and Comfort

Guided by the Charter of Social Contribution established in 2005 and the LG Social Contribution Policy introduced in 2012 by LG Corp., we strive to create a corporate culture that promotes voluntary participation in social contribution efforts and empathy in actions. We also continuously provide corporate-level policy support to initiatives undertaken as part of LG Electronics Labor Union’s Social Responsibility (USR), which was instituted in 2013 as the world’s first CSR pledge by a labor union, to promote employee participation in giving and volunteering at every business site and create more opportunities for talented employees to share their professional knowledge and expertise in helping their neighbors in need.

As part of our efforts to promote employee participation
in social contribution initiatives both in
Korea and overseas, LG Electronics organizes global scale volunteer events on a semiannual basis. In celebration of World Environment Day (June 5), we have organized the Global Volunteer Day event since 2010 across the world in conjunction with the Labor Union’s USR initiatives. In 2016, employees from 41 business sites in Korea and overseas (including the U.S., China, and Mexico) organized Events.

At India SW Lab, LGE members are always sensitive towards making our environment a better place. Thus, the support extended towards the cause is also extensive. This year, as the chosen theme for World Environment Day is “World Heritage Environmental Cleanup Campaign”, the support and enthusiasm of our employees has been phenomenal as all seem to want a share in preserving our Heritage, Hampi being one of the 32 world heritage sites in India, recognized by UNESCO.

LGETK supported World Environment Day on Friday, June 3rd 2016 by engaging a planting activity that aims to promote awareness on the importance of saving environment towards creating a better life for future generations. Purpose of this event is to create team spirit among the employees and to strengthen their relationship with each other. All employees divided into 6 teams to play outdoor games and one of the game was planting the trees. Each teams tried to plant more trees to win this part of the game. And at the same time, LGETK employees had a chance to celebrate World Environment Day.

LGEGF is supporting World Environment Day on Sunday, June 5th 2016 by engaging in a group volunteering activity that aims to promote awareness on the importance of saving environment towards creating a better life for future generations.

In addition to volunteering their time, employees at LG Electronics apply their personal hobbies, special skills, and professional expertise in helping their neighbors in need and addressing community issues, including pro-bono work for non-profit organizations. Our employee volunteer groups, organized in 2005 by our employees on their own initiative,
have played the central role in our employee social contribution efforts across communities. In 2010, we officially launched the “Life's Good Volunteers" as an employee talent donation program. Throughout 2015, 760 employees from 85 volunteer groups participated in a wide range of volunteer projects, such as photographing portraits for the elderly, running science classes for children, and providing free electronics repair service to welfare facilities. In addition, employees with professional expertise came together and formed the Life’s Good Volunteer's Pro to provide pro-bono work for non-profit organizations, which require professional services in their operations, but are unable to obtain such services due to financial or other reasons. The group members put into use their professional expertise to support valuable causes championed by non-profit organizations by designing their logos,
translating professional literature, and developing smart phone apps.

More than 95 percent of LG Electronics Korea employees are contributing to the Salary Round Up Fund, which is raised by employees who pledge approximately KRW 1,000 from their monthly salaries to help low income families. Over 82 percent of LG Electronics Korea Executives are also participating in the Executive Contribution Fund, founded in 2004 in order to support social contribution initiatives that leverage our technologies and core
competencies in addressing social issues. In 2015, the fund was used for empowering communities across the world, and supported the health promotion campaign in South East Asia, accessibility app development training in the UAE, earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, and construction of a solar-powered library for school children in Pakistan.

Since 2011, we have also hosted the “Life’s Good Day” event at company cafeterias on a bimonthly basis. On these special days, company cafeterias offer a simpler menu at a reduced price, and employees who choose that menu pay the original price and donate the difference. In 2015, all proceeds from the Life’s Good Day events were directed to employee initiatives that combine charitable giving and volunteering, such as packing and delivering food and gift bags for flophouse residents, and assisting the operations of food kitchens. Over the past five years, a total of 308,787 employees (cumulative) have participated in the events and raised approximately KRW 130 million.

We also host the annual Global Blood Donation Week in September to raise employee awareness on the importance of donating blood. In 2015, over 3,500 employees from 35 business sites in Korea and overseas participated and gave blood. LG Electronics Russia took the blood donation campaign on the road and toured the country, switching the modes
of transportation from buses to rail and airplane. The campaign broke the Russian record for the longest distance covered by a campaign and was listed by the Guinness World Records Russia. In conjunction with the global event, we ran an SNS campaign in Korea, pledging KRW 1,000 for each message of support posted on social media sites. The fund raised through the campaign was used for treating pediatric cancer patients, and LG Electronics also
donated 83 LG Kids Pad tablet PCs for the youngpatients.

In Kenya, LGEEF employees walked for 9.5km along the shores of lake Elementaita with Kenya Wildlife staff to celebrate World Environment Day. They clean the shores of the World Heritage Sites.