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Trustworthy Partner

As a responsible member of communities where we operate, LG Electronics actively engages with stakeholders to identify local needs and incorporates their opinions into our social contribution initiatives.

We also pursue partnerships with national and local governments to gain insight into local conditions, while expanding the impact of our social contribution initiatives through collaboration with organizations that have expertise in addressing local issues, including International Organizations and NGOs. Based on the partnerships and mutual respect with stakeholders, LG Electronics will further our efforts to turn our CSR vision into reality, conveyed in the slogan “Life’s Good with LG,” in communities across the world.

LG Social Fund: Support for Social Economy

Organizations in the Environment Sector Since 2011, LG Electronics has operated the LG Social Fund to promote social economy organizations in the environmental protection and management sector, as part of our boarder commitment to advancing the Korean economy. Managed in partnership with LG Chem, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of Environment and NGOs, the LG Social Fund is a multilateral partnership for social economy. The program selects social economy organizations with innovative “green economy” ideas and provides a wide range of support, such as financing, management consulting, promotions and office space, with a total of 91 organizations receiving support since its inception. In 2014, we also launched the Social Economy Promotion Contest for college and graduate students and recognize excellent ideas with an award. Since 2015, the program has offered free office and collaboration space to social economy organizations at the LG Social Campus located in the Industry-Academia Cooperation Center at Korea University.

Emergency Relief

After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015, LG Electronics, together with our local buyer Chaudhary Group, built and donated 100 prefab housing units to victims of the disaster. We also donated 500 mobile phones to the Nepal Scouts through the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) to assist their relief efforts, and dispatched repair engineers to offer free repair service to earthquake victims. In Myanmar, we donated medical supplies to more than 820 families affected by the floods that hit the country in August 2015, and provided support for the nation’s relief efforts through the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).

CSR Academy, “Love Genie”

In 2014, LG Electronics launched Love Genie, the collegiate CSR Academy, to foster CSR experts and promote social responsibility among college students – future leaders of our society. In 2015, the Academy welcomed 30 college students and offered systematic training and mentoring on CSR issues such as labor, human rights, ethics, the environment, health & safety and social contribution. We also supported the students to independently plan and execute CSR projects, including initiatives for resolving waste management and poverty issues. Additionally, we also help our graduates find a career opportunity in CSR or social contribution organizations at business corporations or in NGOs and other social organizations. More information on Love Genie or initiatives led by Love Genie members is available on their official blog (www.lovegenie.

LG Hope Screen

Since 2011, LG Electronics has made our marketing assets available to international organizations and NGOs as part of our efforts to raise public awareness on social responsibility and encourage members of the public to do their part in resolving social issues. In 2015, we offered our Times Square, New York City digital billboard to the UNEP and UN to feature campaign videos for World Environment Day and International Youth Day, and contributed to heightening public awareness on these important causes.