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Csr Principles

LG Electronics pursues sustainability management that is balanced with society, the environment, and the economy.

Our ultimate goal of sustainability management principles is to reflect the different voices of our stakeholders in our management activities and to generate differentiated value for them which will serve as a firm foundation for a company’s sustainable growth.

LG Electronics’ Policies

Our policies help to ensure that our Business Philosophy are put into practice in our day-to-day business. Here we provide a list of our policies linking to a brief summary of each one.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Vision & Strategy

We believe that for LG Electronics to earn the trust of stakeholders as a responsible and ethical corporate citizen, we must become a healthy organism in the market ecosystem and assume a proactive role in making the system healthier with our products and services.

Moreover, we need to take care of our communities, help those in need become self-reliant, interface and communicate with a variety of stakeholders throughout this process, and form a trust-based relationship with them. To meet this goal, LGE has established and implemented four strategic directions: CSR Change Management, CSR Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement, and Strategic Social Contribution. From product R&D through purchasing, production, sales and after sales service, LGE strives to improve our CSR execution while strengthening our efforts to build consensus and partnership with stakeholders.