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Top Management Message

LG Electronics will strive for sustainability management
in order to win the hearts and minds of our customers.

What is the philosophy behind LG Electronics’ sustainability management?
For a company, sustainability management starts with building competitiveness in its core businesses.
To become a truly sustainable company, we need to focus all of our capabilities on understanding the needs of our customers and providing differentiated products and services based on our technology and product leadership.

Everything we do — from actively engaging in marketing initiatives that produce results to creating a nurturing environment that helps our employees apply their capabilities to the fullest — is driven by LG’s unique management philosophy of "Customer Value Creation" and "People-Oriented Management." I believe that our conviction to remain true to such values is the key driving force behind the sustainable growth of LG Electronics.

What are the key sustainability management initiatives of LG Electronics for this year?
Presently, growing uncertainties in the global marketplace and increasing customer expectations are creating an unfavorable business climate and much pessimism about the possibility of growth. Since its establishment, LG Electronics has never stopped striving to strengthen its fundamentals. As a result, our product leadership, which is a key prerequisite for being a market leader, continues to improve and our fundamentals are becoming stronger across the entire organization.

This year we will apply everything that we have accomplished so far to lead the market with differentiated products and services that only LG Electronics can deliver. To this end, we must secure “differentiated product leadership” by fully aligning our thoughts and actions with the market and customers, constantly generating new ideas and swiftly putting great ideas into practice with a keen focus on producing meaningful results.

Moreover, it is imperative that we transform our work and management style to be fully aligned with our customers' needs. To this end, we must constantly question ourselves as to whether we are simply going through the motions and not seeing what customers truly need and make the transformation into a “customercentric” organization.

Going forward, what direction is LG Electronics planning to take to achieve sustainability management?
We will guarantee that LG Electronics never compromises its fundamentals, which have been developed over time based on our strong convictions. Not only will we remain true to the roots of our business, we will also strive to further strengthen our fundamentals by complying with the laws of the land as a responsible corporate citizen and adhering to our unique guiding principles, what we call “Jeong-do Management.”

Employees of LG Electronics should never compromise themselves under any circumstances and compete in the market fairly. I am convinced that we can ensure the sustainable growth of the company and gain more opportunities to contribute to society by continuing on this path.

May 2013
Bon Joon Koo, Vice Chairman & CEO