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Top Management Message

"We are doing our best to remember
that our stakeholders, including customers,
are the absolute and enduring standard that drives
our thinking, inspires our actions, and propels us forward
through changing environments and global trends."

What do you think is the most important
for sustainability management at LG Electronics?

In a rapidly changing business environment, we cannot afford to remain still; we have to constantly think about ways to achieve growth and advance our businesses. At the same time, we have to always remember that our customers are the absolute and enduring standard that drives our thinking, inspires our actions, and pushes us forward, as we focus on creating positive impact on the world. Throughout this process, we always take "Jeong-do Management" as our guiding principle, because strict compliance with the law and standards is both the starting point and ultimate goal of our efforts to become a truly global corporation.

Please tell us about LG Electronics' achievements
in sustainability management in 2014.

In 2014, we made organization-wide efforts to build and strengthen fundamentals, the very foundation for sustainable and enduring growth. As a result, the strength of our organization is improving, and we are thoroughly preparing to secure opportunities in our future businesses. In addition, both our employees and management are carefully identifying actions and practices required for sustainable management and putting them into practice. We are also defining practices that we need to adopt in conducting business, while directing our interest and energy towards issues that affect both individuals and societies to fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen. I am convinced that all of these efforts will come together and help us establish sustainability management as our core strength.

What is the direction of LG Electronics'
sustainability management?

I strongly believe that first and foremost, corporations must focus on the primary purpose of doing business in order to contribute to society as well as to achieve sustained growth. To this end, it is important for corporations to identify changes both in customers and global trends, to think and prepare in advance, and to execute measures that respond to these changes in a careful and thorough manner. The business landscape around us is shifting constantly and becoming more complex with diverse and intertwined interests creating uncertainties. In order to overcome such challenges and achieve growth, we need to draw on strengths not only from within our organization but also from the outside world, creating synergy greater than the simple sum of our own strengths. In order to further strengthen our capabilities for sustainable management, LG Electronics will actively engage with stakeholders for their valuable opinions, while sharing our market intelligence and customer insight obtained directly from the frontline of business operations.

I would like to respectfully ask all of our stakeholders and partners to continue to encourage us and support us in our endeavors. Thank you.

May 2015
Vice Chairman and CEO
Bon Joon Koo