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Child Safety online

Background on Child Safety online

In 2012, 31 major media and technology companies in the European Union had been invited by the Vice President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes to join the CEO Coalition in the European Parliament (Brussels). The purpose was to discuss how industries can contribute to the safety of young internet users in the products and services they develop. Following the discussions, the members have signed up to a set of principles. These principles reflect the commitments by the members to create a better online environment for children by focusing on:

  • - Simple and robust ways to report harmful content
  • - Age-appropriate privacy settings
  • - Tools to classify or age-rate content
  • - Parental controls tools and education/awareness
  • - Effective takedown of child sex abuse material

LG Electronics’ Approach on Child Safety online

LG Electronics believes in and supports the efforts of creating a safer and better internet environment for children and welcomes the approach taken by the European Commission to encourage self-regulation in the industry. Rapidly growing technology and access to the internet through electronic devices provides many new opportunities for people, yet care should be taken in ensuring that this is done safely. This is important because it also concerns our children.

We have joined the CEO Coalition in 2012 not only to raise the awareness of Child Safety online, but also to show our commitment to cooperate in creating a better and safer online environment for children. To this end, we will continue to work with the CEO Coalition and focus on Child Safety going forward.

Current models of certain models of LG’s products allow you to take measures to improve Child Safety.

* Mobile Phones:
Our Child Safety Solution is customized by a preferred supplier to enable parents download a parental control tool. We believe that parents and legal guardians should freely choose to regulate and limit the use of internet access of their children according to their preferences. By downloading this tool, you may also choose for basic age settings to influence on what kind of internet content and sites children can approach. The Parental Control tool available on LGE’s devices comes with instructions and/or support in 31 different languages.

* Smart TV’s:
Our new Smart TV’s (manufactured in 2013) is also provided with Parental Control tool. By clicking in the Parental Guidance, you may set appropriate levels of age control for TV programs and films. You can also choose to activate the Application Lock tool in which a password (PIN number) will prevent access to internet. A list of icons will appear offering you the option of blocking the whole internet access or only some websites.

Parents and Legal Guardians

Child safety cannot be properly managed without the active participation of parents and legal guardians. Children must be guided on how to safely navigate in the digital world we provide them. For this reason, we encourage and support public initiatives to help parents and legal guardians educate and teach their children about the online world.

We wish to share some tips which may be helpful when teaching your children.

  • Setting boundaries. Enjoy the internet with your children and take this time to talk to them about it. Don’t hesitate to create rules and limits. Define the time your children may use digital devices in general and especially, the internet. Monitor their internet time-use.
  • Stimulate critical thinking. Help your children understand the good and bad things online. Just because you see it online, there’s no guarantee it’s true. Explain to them that not all things on internet are appropriate for them nor always accurate.
  • Be involved in the activities your children like to do online. This makes it easier for you to understand their likes and dislikes and can help you in providing them with the proper orientation.
  • You can check what your children have been looking at by consulting the “history” in the relevant menu setting.
  • Make use of privacy settings and parental controls available in LG Electronics’ products. You can teach your children to respect the privacy of friends and family members.
  • Create safe passwords and remind your children not to give out their passwords. Make sure they make a habit of unclicking “remember me” settings on public computers such as those at school or in the library.
  • Watch out for strangers. You can teach your children to take care with “friend” approaches online and not to arrange face-to face meetings with people they “meet” online. It is helpful to remind them not to share personal information with online strangers because people may not be who they claim to be.

You can explain to your children about responsible online communication. For example, if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t text it, email it, instant message it, or post it as a comment on someone’s page.