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Communication with Customers

Based on the Brand Identity(BI) strategy of “Enriching Lives through Technology”, LG Electronics is striving to fulfill its promise customers. In addition to listening to the customers through diverse channels, LG Electronics is actively applying the customers’ opinions to product development, service improvement and marketing activities.


LG Electronics’ brand slogan “Life’s Good” conveys a message that LGE enriches customers’ lives with its products, services and technology, and creates a unique brand identity of the company. We are engaging in various marketing activities to reinforce the corporate brand identity in the global market while establishing a youthful and dynamic brand image with differentiated brand marketing activities utilizing sports, the Korean Wave, video games, etc.


LGE is conducting a thorough market and customer analysis to introduce products that satisfy customer needs. A close study of local customers’ lifestyles and collaboration with local research organizations are also part of our effort to identify customer needs.

-Air Conditioner Preventing Endemic Diseases · In 2009, LGE developed
-Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Home Monitoring Function

Customer Insight Marketing Communication

LGE is organizing events and engaging in campaigns with diverse themes and concepts tailored to local customers, improving LGE’s brand image in the global market and contributing to revenue growth.

Responsible Marketing Communication

In 2009, LGE established and distributed “Code of Conduct” by which employees across the company are expected to abide to create value for stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, suppliers, communities, etc., and is conducting training on its purpose and intent. The LGE Code of Conduct stresses that employees must act with integrity and exhibit the utmost sincerity in the following four areas: responsible marketing, product safety, product standards and protection of customer privacy. In 2011, we amended our Code of Conduct to include clauses on the safety defect reporting system and precautions to take when handling refurbished products, while strengthening relevant clauses to enforce responsible communication with customers.

Online Communication through Social Media

In March 2012, LGE launched a social media portal “Social LGE (” that provides integrated access to all LGE’s social media outlets – Blog, Twitter and Facebook.