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Customer Satisfaction

LG Electronics’ philosophy is to provide service for customers at the right time, in the right place, and at the right cost. Based on this principle, LGE promises to deliver a satisfaction level that exceeds our customers’ expectations, and strives to provide the highest value to our customers through a fast, accurate and differentiated service based on multi-angle analysis of the customers’ satisfaction and expectation levels.


Providing Greater Value to Customers through “VOC Management” Since February 2007, LG Electronics has been consistently striving to improve and strengthen its VOC system, and leveraging it as a useful management tool for quickly identifying customer wants and needs.

Every year, LGE collects over 190,000 comments and suggestions from worldwide customers through diverse contact channels, including the corporate website and call center, and manages them to create greater value. Since October 2011, we have also been interacting with our customers through LGE’s official blog “THE BLOG” and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

LGE takes its commitment to customer satisfaction a step further, placing strong emphasis on service improvement, establishing performance targets for VOC management in advance, and implementing proactive service improvement measures to meet all targets.
From April 2007, LGE’s top executives, including our CEO, are taking time to review recorded conversations between customer service representatives and callers in top management meetings, all part of our effort to improve VOC intelligence and help the company’s top executives identify customer needs and fast-track them into product planning, marketing and services.

In addition, LGE analyzes the strengths and weakness of our customer service at each customer contact point, utilizing the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which compiles a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) to assess customer satisfaction at each stage of service and performs comparative analysis of customer satisfaction levels against those offered by our competitors.


- Call center
LGE operates its call center over the weekend hours to provide a fast and convenient service for customers. The weekend call centers, currently being operated in 27 countries, will be further extended to cover every region of the world. In addition, we at LGE support the customer with the dedicated specialists to resolve complicated cases through phone calls, and provide remote diagnosis/repair to increase customer’s convenience even without necessity of in-home service. To effectively respond to the extended customer service requests, LGE also offers customer responses to cover general issues from product purchase inquiry to user guides.

- Service center
LGE operates 141 service centers in Korea and over 13,000 worldwide. The service network is organized in a systematic and scientific manner, in accordance with the area and population of the regions to maximize its efficiency. To provide a fast and accurate service in line with customer expectations, LGE is further extending the operation of the LG Mobile Service Vehicle, which carries the required tools and components to perform on-site repair services. Our efforts to provide distinguished service centers, customized to each region, are well recognized and appreciated by local customers. The technicians are trained to explain the cause of the problem, the details of the repair, and the necessary preventive measures after repair to keep the customers informed about repair service and therefore increase their satisfaction level.

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