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Customer Privacy Protection

Information security activity is recognized as an essential factor for LG Electronics’ sustainable growth and we are implementing diverse activities for customer privacy protection.

Based on close communication and collaboration between our information security and legal teams, LG Electronics carefully monitors privacy protection legislations around the world and responds to them as immediately as possible. Thanks to our vigilant response, LG Electronics received no customer complaints concerning breach or protection of personal information.

Global Information Security Policy

With the Corporate Information Security Regulations as the governing principle, LG Electronics established the Corporate Information Security Rules and the Personal Information Protection Rules. All related policies conform to these rules to ensure that information security management at all business sites is operating at the highest level. These measures allow us not only to maintain a high level of information security management across the board, but also to enhance our corporate credibility by ensuring policy consistency across all business sites.

Implementation of Global Standard

Diagram of Corporate Information Security Regulations, scope of implementations and principles.

Compliance Risk Management on Personal Information Protection

As part of our efforts to promote systematic protection of customers’ personal information, LG Electronics acquired the Personal Information Management System (PIMS) certification in December 2012. LG Electronics is making a wide range of efforts to effectively prevent information breach and respond to compliance requirements, such as establishing control measures against information leaks and judiciously complying with the legal requirements prescribed by countries. LGE also requires all its business sites to carry out risk management activities, while assessing their performance on a semiannual basis. The assessment results are reported to top management and follow-up measures are implemented.

Assessment of Personal Information Management

LG Electronics conducts a corporate-level annual assessment of its business sites and subsidiaries to evaluate their level of personal information management, and they are required to perform the same assessment internally on a semiannual basis. In order to gain public confidence in our stewardship of personal information, we submit ourselves to an annual certification process performed by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), and receive a biannual assessment from LG Corp. to identify and address risks.

Personal Information Impact Assessment System

LG Electronics has established a personal information impact assessment system to prevent compliance risks associated with related laws and regulations and to systematically and automatically manage personal information data and associated risks at a corporate level. With the system in place, we have the infrastructure to prevent non-compliances and information breaches, and to manage personal information systematically at a corporate level, thereby minimizing risks as well as potential damages.

Customer Privacy Protection

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