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Customer Satisfaction

LG Electronics strives to provide service for customers at the right time, in the right place, and at the right cost.

We promise to deliver a satisfaction level that exceeds our customers’ expectations, and strives to provide the highest value to our customers through a fast, accurate and differentiated service based on multi-angle analysis of the customers’ satisfaction and expectation levels.

Research & VOC Management Towards Customer Satisfaction

LG Electronics assesses local customer service programs implemented by overseas subsidiaries with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and makes ongoing improvement efforts with a focus on detractor management. Standardized in 2012, the NPS questionnaire contains ten questions about the customer’s choice of service request channel, satisfaction with the call/repair experience, the quality and speed of repair service, the quality of service information provided before/after the repair service, and repair costs. The survey is conducted monthly on at least 3% of the repair cases processed in the previous month (performed on approximately 230,000 cases in 2013 and 200,000 cases in 2014).

Based on the results, we have a monthly interview with the subsidiary’s president to review their service process, and provide feedback to related teams for follow-up measures. Corporate headquarters also regularly monitor subsidiaries’ performance on service improvement.

We utilize the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and the Voice of the Customer (VOC) to reduce customer dissatisfaction and improve the service quality of its call center, service center, and store networks. In addition, we have in place a support system to facilitate fast resolution of customer dissatisfaction, and provide feedback on customer handling. We also incorporate customer feedback into improving product quality and service policy and programs based on a regular review process.

Customer-oriented Contact Point Management

LGE operates its call center over the weekend hours to provide a fast and convenient service for customers. The weekend call centers, currently being operated in 27 countries, will be further extended to cover every region of the world. In addition, we support the customer with the dedicated specialists to resolve complicated cases through phone calls, and provide remote diagnosis/repair to increase customer’s convenience even without necessity of in-home service.

We operate 141 service centers in Korea and over 13,000 worldwide. To provide a fast and accurate service in line with customer expectations, LGE is further extending the operation of the LG Mobile Service Vehicle, which carries the required tools and components to perform on-site repair services. The technicians are trained to explain the cause of the problem, the details of the repair, and the necessary preventive measures after repair to keep the customers informed about repair service and therefore increase their satisfaction level.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction through Enhancing Service Quality

As part of our efforts to provide customers with quality service, LG Electronics is continuously expanding the network of directly-managed service locations around world. As a result, the share of service requests handled by directly-managed service centers increased to 40.0 percent (2015) from 27.4 percent (2012). The expanded service infrastructure greatly helped us enhance the quality of our service, reducing the average time required to complete a service request to 3.1 days (2015) from 3.7 days (2012) in overseas locations. In Korea, our improvement effort was particularly effective in increasing the same-day service rate from 52 percent (2012) to 66 percent (2015). In order to enhance the quality and level of service, we also placed emphasis on reducing repeated service requests since customers feel most frustrated by having to repeat their service requests in order to resolve an issue. We were able to reduce the rate from 8.0 percent (2012) to 5.3 percent (2015) through a wide range of initiatives including additional training for service engineers and effective management of recurring service / repair issues.

Customer Satisfaction

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