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Product Quality and Safety

LG Electronics places the highest value on providing customers with reliable products which they can use in a safe way. Product safety must be ensured under any circumstance, and product safety has the highest priority over sales objective, product design, marketability and expense issues. All staff at LG Electronics will exert their best effort to observe standards for the product safety system, acknowledging that safety is a fundamental value of products.


With the strong encouragement of the CEO, LGE has reinforced to the enterprise QA organization, and is shaping the corporate culture to allow neither the slightest quality problem nor compromise on quality under the vision of “LG Electronics, Perceived as World Best Quality by Customers and Consumers”. LGE is also trying to provide consumers with the high-safety products by promoting enterprise quality activities and quality awareness.


LGE established the product safety regulations including the product safety design checklist to ensure safety proactively, and ongoing efforts are made to enhance the safety awareness of all employees. Product safety regulations provide “product safety awareness” to ensure through product safety.

Stronger Quality Management Accountability

In 2011, LGE established the Product Testing Laboratory under the Quality Center to test the safety of new products, detect quality issues and address them in advance. Additionally, we created a product quality and safety evaluation system that performs basic quality and safety evaluation for products at every production stage. Consisting of seven stages from product planning and development to sales, this system only allows shipment of products that clear all seven quality gates. Under the quality gate system, all LGE products undergo a safety check at each quality gate based on a checklist, preventing shipments of products with quality or safety issues. We also facilitate a corporate-wide exchange between quality and safety experts, such as the Product Liability Technology Council.


LGE, together with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, conducted the safety check campaign against old Cathode Ray Tube(CRT) TV for 3 months starting from September 2010. The target TV sets were 25 types of 10+ year-old products, for which inside cleaning and part replacement service were provided.
Also, for the drum washing machines of 10kg and 12kg capacity produced between August 2003 and October 2008 whose doors cannot be opened from the inside, a voluntary recall was made to replace locking systems(over 400,000 units) and distribute safety caps(over 500,000 units) free of charge(as of March 2011). This campaign will continue all year round so that every customer can use the LGE drum washing machine safely. The drum washing machine(of capacity 10+kg) on the market after November,
LGE conducted a campaign to protect children from product related accidents. This safety campaign reflects the strong commitment of the CEO that LGE should not only sell products but also look into the fundamental problems to prevent recurrence of accidents. With safety on top priority, LGE is working its best efforts, through the campaign to establish a culture of using all home appliances and the drum washing machine in a safe way. For this purpose, LGE held safety training sessions in 15,000 preschools and elementary schools across the country. The main audience to safety training is preschool children and first/second graders in elementary schools who are vulnerable to accidents. LGE distributed campaign posters, messages to home, safety news letters and training CDs to the relevant schools across the nation. The children training CD includes the safety song and dance video, flash, animation and advanced teaching method which can induce children’s interest. This material is a proven training program jointly produced by the Department of Early Childhood Education, Pusan National University.

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