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Fair Evaluation

LG Electronics strongly believes that people should have proper incentives to produce their best work, and that good work should be amply rewarded. We therefore operate an objective and transparent evaluation and bonus system that takes individual and team achievement into consideration.


LGE has established corporate-wide standard process and regulations, and it has been applying this towards the evaluation/incentive HR system. Capability evaluation on performance and team capability of office employees is conducted once a year to comprehensively evaluate the employee’s degree of achievement of goals, difficulty of goals, and competitiveness. The performance evaluation will be reflected on the individual’s salary increase & incentive bonus and the capability evaluation will be reflected on promotion. 360-degree multi-faceted evaluation of the leadership of managers is conducted once a year. LGE places high importance on the basic insight of an individual for promotion and conducts a promotion training program to ensure that the promoted employee will possess appropriate insight. Since 2011, an individual performance incentive system has been applied for technical staff semiannually, and LGE has continued to strengthen responsibility towards quality.

LGE’s Performance Evaluation System


The current capability level is assessed in all employees and a capability development target is set. To achieve this goal, LGE establishes a capability development plan, and then implements job experience, mentoring and training programs to ensure continuous capability development.

LGE’s Capability Development and Assessment Process


LGE has initiated the Global Total Reward(GTR) system to help it attract top candidates and to respond to increasing global mobility. However, in the case of overseas subsidiaries, multi-culture and special conditions are considered and the position as well as reward system is flexibly managed. From a long term perspective, the policy that considers multi-culture will be implemented in various ways.

LGE’s Global Total Reward(GTR) System