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Talent Management

Based on the corporate philosophy of “Respect for Human Dignity” and “Creating Value for Customers”, LG Electronics has been strengthening fundamentals as a manufacturing company and implementing various HR policies that respect the diversity of LG Electronics employees. The global business leader and life-long training program that fosters each employee as a specialist in their respective field is actively implemented both on and off line.


LG Electronics utilizes a variety of recruiting channels to secure top-quality global talent. Once employed, they are given many opportunities throughout their careers to make use of lifelong education resources and develop into global business leaders.

- International HR Recruit Activities
LGE’s annual recruitment events have been holding in universities in Korea and overseas. In addition, LGE is actively pursuing various recruitment activities such as career development consulting and LG Techno Conference to acquire outstanding individuals throughout the world. LGE cooperates with universities through the Industry-University Program and at the same time, actively engages in recruitment activities for outstanding R&D individuals. As for the long term goal, LGE plans to increase its current recruitment ratio to acquire diversity as a global enterprise.
- Overseas Employee Adaptation Program
When sending employees to an overseas subsidiary, LGE provides a training program involving work, language, culture, and leadership so that the employees can communicate with locals. In addition, LGE assigns these employees a project relevant to the country prior to sending the employee to that country, or sends the employee for a short period of time before permanent assignment to support fast adaptation and increase professionalism.
- Develop Specialists Corresponding to the Training Roadmap
LGE conducts various training programs based on the corporate wide training roadmap. Based on the results of the capability evaluation conducted each year, LGE implements a priority handling training program for all employees, designed for each employee’s job. In addition, LGE’s Global e-Learning program was expanded and LGE provides a specialist fostering program for each task and an individual capability development program for all employees.
- Global Talent Training Programs
LGE has developed local training programs and has been actively making efforts to foster and recruit local professionals. LGE provides the “HR Fostering Program” through the Pyeongtaek learning center and 6 overseas learning centers (Brazil, Singapore, India, China, France, and UAE). In particular, LGE has developed a mandatory Global Training Program and provides the same course to all LGE employees throughout the world. This is LGE’s initiative to strengthen LG Way Leadership and to provide a uniform leadership fostering program to every employee. LGE provides a specialist training program for each job category, a specialized program for the different position levels, and in the case of Korea, LGE also provides in-house and external MBA programs through cooperation with leading universities in Korea.

LGE’s Employee Training Roadmap

Diversity Management

LG Electronics is a global enterprise with 75% of its sales generated from overseas (in 2013). We strive to provide differentiated value to customers worldwide. To this end, we established and declared a labor policy against discrimination, facilitating an environment in which individuals with diverse values and beliefs can work together as a team. Additionally, LGE created a variety of communication channels and promotes a work & life balance for its employees.

LGE is making every effort to create a working environment where social minorities (to include females, foreigners and the disabled) are respected and not subjected to discrimination or any inconvenience based on our company’s belief that such a working environment leads to greater competitiveness.

As of year-end 2013, among 82,432 LGE employees, 23.6% are female and 70.2% are from overseas. Turnover rate was 4.3% in Korea and 27.8% in the overseas, showing a small decrease from the previous year. Out of 5,791 female employees from Korea, 68.8% are office staff and 31.1% work at production sites, with 3.3% of female employees serving as team leaders. The number of years in service for Korean employees was on average 8.5 years. Non-regular workers made up 1.7% of the entire workforce, and employees with disabilities made up 1.4% of all Korean employees.

No. of Overseas Employees

No. of Female Employees

Return/Retention Rate after Childbirth/Maternity Leave, Gender Breakdown(Korea)

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