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Vision and Policy

LG Electronics’ Environmental Vision

LG Electronics will realize Global Top Company in the EESH area through corporate level EESH management system operation, energy efficiency optimization, eco-friendly process & product development, business site safety & health, and employee health improvement activities. Also, by providing differentiated customer value, LG Electronics will pursue earth environment preservation, sustainable social advancement, and improve the quality of life for stakeholders.
LG Electronics constantly researches and introduces a full range of innovative, greener products and services, and continue to be a leader in developing green innovations. We are always looking for innovative ideas and technologies which will support our efforts as, a leading company in practicing environmental management. Since it first announced its environmental vision in 1994, LG Electronics has been practicing environmental management throughout the life-cycle from development and purchasing through production and use to disposal, and reducing the environmental impacts that occur during business activities. Furthermore, LG Electronics make every effort to provide better quality to consumers and to contribute to more sustainable communities.

LG Electronics’ EESH Management Policy

To become a sustainable and respectable Global Top Company, LG Electronics will follow the following EESH management principles.

1) When making management decisions in the EESH area, LG Electronics will consider in the foremost, the effect that a decision will have on it’s stakeholders and the community.

2) By operating the global EESH management system, LG Electronics will contribute to reducing non-financial risk and increasing company value.

3) LG Electronics and business partners will sustainably improve the EESH management level by observing international agreements and laws/regulations related with EESH of each country and region, through mutual cooperation.

4) LG Electronics will minimize EESH effect in the whole process from product design to production, through use, and till disposal, and lead the development of eco-friendly products.

5) All employees should understand the role of EESH throughout all the management activities and voluntarily participate in activities to reduce energy use, save and recycle resources, identify and remove danger factors, and improve individual health.

6) LG Electronics will regularly evaluate performance regarding energy, climate change, environmental safety, product environment, and industrial hygiene. The results will be clearly announced to internal and external stakeholders.

7) LG Electronics, as a part of its social responsibility, will serve environment preservation and social contribution through cooperation with the local communities.

LG Electronics’ Environmental Product Policy

LG Electronics is committed to providing a better experience for its customers, by contributing to environmental protection efforts, and offering green values.

We, at LG Electronics, will:

1) Comply with international conventions, standards, and local laws associated with the environment and engage in voluntary activities to improve the environment.

2) Develop and implement a system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, measure and improve the performance of this system, and always make the results available to the public.

3) Identify and meet the needs of green consumers, by promoting the sustainability of our products and stimulating the consumption of greener products.

4) Make all manufacturing processes, throughout the product life cycle, comply with environmental protection initiatives.

5) Recognize eco-friendliness as a vital part of product development and manufacturing, and take preventive measures to minimize the environmental impact throughout a product’s life cycle, including raw materials, production, use, and disposal.

6) Take the lead in establishing a sustainable society by developing new environmental and energy businesses.

7) Educate our employees on green issues and environmental initiatives while teaching them to develop greener products and reduce greenhouse gases.

8) Expand cooperation with our stakeholders to protect the environment.