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Product Energy Assurance

In order to contribute to environmental preservation and energy saving, LG Electronics is carrying out numerous activities, including R&D of technologies for energy efficient electronic products. LG Electronics is also actively engaged in measuring and comparing product energy efficiency, taking into account diverse standards around the world and different user environments.

To this end, LG Electronics signed an MOU with three world-renowned certification agencies (UL / Intertek / CSA) on April 2, 2010, to enhance cooperation in the field of energy efficiency measurement and verification. The three agencies agreed to share their experiences, knowledge and technical expertise on product testing and energy efficiency measurement.

In addition, LG Electronics has launched the LEAP (LG Energy Assurance Program), which focuses on further improving internal testing reliability by cross-checking the internal test results with those from third-party test labs for a variety of product groups. This collaborative approach of mutually verifying measurement processes and results will give fresh momentum to LG Electronics’ efforts to enhance credibility of energy efficiency measurement.

Furthermore, LG Electronics is actively involved in market verification programs led by the government or industry associations. For example, LG Electronics has become a partner for ATLETE, a pan-EU energy labeling verification program for refrigerators supported by European Commission and CECED, the European Committee of Manufacturers of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers. LG Electronics will fully cooperate with other project partners and contribute to the collective efforts to enhance reliability of energy efficiency verification methods. Besides, LG Electronics is strongly in support of stringent Energy Star verification standards led by US Department of Energy in order to promote market transparency.

LG Electronics is planning to join or initiate more activities to improve accuracy and reliability of energy efficiency measurement in other parts of the world, too. In this way, we will do our best not only to provide better products to our customers with innovative technologies but also to show social responsibility as a global leader.