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Low Carbon Green Management

LG Electronics has established a low carbon green management system to provide low carbon value to customers through voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. Throughout its activities, LG Electronics is endeavoring to pursue the coexistence of the two major values: creating value for customers and stakeholders, and protecting the natural environment.

LG Electronics' Position on Climate Change

LG Electronics has a social responsibility as a global leading company to actively tackle the environmental issues including climate change that arise from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. LG Electronics is implementing various strategies to develop technologies that will reduce GHG emissions from its factories. LG Electronics will also work towards minimizing indirect GHG emitted from using our products by continuously raising the energy efficiency of their products.LG Electronics is fully committed to the proposal set by the UN and other accountable organizations to "reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50% below 1990 levels by 2050 in order to relieve global warming", and upholds this requirement. And LG Electronics supports that global GHG emissions are to peak by 2015 and supports mandatory cuts in domestic emissions in industrialized countries (Annex I countries of Kyoto Protocol) of at least 30% by 2020. LG Electronics devising a plan to relieve global warming that will involve the company's entire business value chain. As part of this plan, LG Electronics has set up the GHG inventory from 2008 and analyzed its products' overall CO2 reduction based on the production of energy efficient products.