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Waste Management

We make ongoing efforts to increase recycling rates of waste generated at our production sites by minimizing the amount of waste that is discharged, increasing recyclability through separate disposal, and implementing environmentally friendly treatment processes. Ruza Plant in Russia processes waste in an environmentally safe manner at the internal recycling center opened in May 2014 based on the “thorough and thorough” separate disposal of waste generated by the plant and suppliers located on the premises. Thanks to the recycling center, the production site’s recycling rate has increased by 170 percent. Our Manaus Plant in Brazil installed a packaging material compressor to minimize the volume of waste discharged and increased the efficiency of the separate disposal process. Based on these site-level initiatives for improving recycling rates, our corporate-wide waste recycling rates are increasing every year. We are planning to raise the recycling rate of waste generated at our production sites by 90 percent until 2020. In order to achieve our recycling rate target, we will make continuous efforts to minimize waste generation and increase recycling rates by implementing extensive improvement efforts at the productions sites generating a high volume of waste.

Air and Water Emissions

All LG Electronics business sites are managed according to internal environmental standards that far exceed the legal requirements (by 50%). Such disciplined management approach helps us reduce risks and contribute to protecting the environment of local communities.