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Energy and GHG Emissions

LG Electronics has set a target to reduce to 150,000 tons of production-level GHG emissions by 2020

(10% reduction), through which we expect to reduce a total of approximately one million tons (cumulative) of GHG emissions between 2009 and 2020.

Operational Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions

LG Electronics continuously works to optimize and minimize our energy use by improving the efficiency of our facilities and production processes. We are also expanding investments in high efficiency equipment/facilities and solar power generating systems (Korea) and increasing our purchase of renewable energy in office buildings in overseas. LG Electronics joined "Green Power Partnership" led by U.S. EPA to reduce their environmental impact by using renewable energy and "SmartWay" program reducing U.S. logistics-related emissions in supply chain.

Production-Level GHG Emissions Reduction Targets and Performance (Unit: 10K tons CO2e)
Graph of GHG emissions and reductions between 2008(base year) and 2016(target year).
  • Applicable Business Sites: 16 Korean (production, office and R&D) and 51 overseas (production and office) sites
  • Based on the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas I inventories, the WRI’s GHG Protocol, etc.
  • Intensity figure was recalculated as sales were revised after the income statements were changed as a result of the discontinued operation of all PDP modules and PDP TVs
  • Verification status: Third party assurance was completed on all Korean and overseas production sites (2008-2016)
  • Data correction may occur after the completion of third party verification