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Take-Back & Recycling Amount

LG Electronics offers the important information to customers and investors can find our recycling status from a global perspective and also by region.
Take-Back Management Efforts
E-Waste Take-Back and Recycling Performance by Country (Unit: Ton)
Graph of E-Waste Take-Back and Recycling Performance by Country.
Take-Back System for Major Home Appliances in Korea

In May 2013, LG Electronics entered into a tri-party (Ministry of Environment, municipalities, and manufacturers) agreement to establish a take-back system for major home appliances in the metropolitan area, Korea. This take-back system allows consumers to specify the time and date of collection via online or telephone. These discarded appliances, collected by a dedicated collection team, are delivered to municipal collection centers and processed in an environmentally safe manner at regional recycling centers located nationwide.

In 2014, this take-back system was expanded from metropolitan areas to city and county levels. And collection target product was expanded into small household appliances in 2015. Thanks to this new take-back system, consumers can dispose of their old appliances much more easily and collection rates also continue to increase.

Take-Back System Performance (Unit : No. of Units, Korea)
Graph of Take-Back System Performance of major home appliances increased by 257% from 2013 to 2015.

This data is based on Sales and Recycling performance in Korea only.