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Take-Back & Recycling Amount

LG Electronics offers the important information to customers and investors can find our recycling status from a global perspective and also by region.
Take-Back Management Efforts
E-Waste Take-Back and Recycling Performance by Country (Unit: Ton)
Graph of E-Waste Take-Back and Recycling Performance by Country.

As the reporting period for e-waste collection performance varies from country to country, figures for some countries presented in this report are estimates (based on the performance from the previous year or the data from the neighboring countries).
As such, small adjustments can be anticipated in data for next update.

Take-Back System for Major Home Appliances in Korea

In May 2013, LG Electronics entered into a tri-party (Ministry of Environment, municipalities, and manufacturers) agreement to establish a take-back system for major home appliances in the metropolitan area, Korea. This take-back system allows consumers to specify the time and date of collection via online or telephone. These discarded appliances, collected by a dedicated collection team, are delivered to municipal collection centers and processed in an environmentally safe manner at regional recycling centers located nationwide.

In 2014, this take-back system was expanded from metropolitan areas to city and county levels. In the result of this improvement, collection of major home appliances increased by 257% over the previous year.

Take-Back System Performance (Unit : No. of Units, Korea)
Graph of Take-Back System Performance of major home appliances increased by 257% from 2013 to 2014.

This data is based on Sales and Recycling performance in Korea only.