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Take-back & Recycling Global network

Customers can return the end-of-life product to the established take-back system by LG Electronics. Please see below for the details how to recycle LG product.

See details of LG Electronics' Requirements for recycler

Global Network



LG Electronics established 'LG Electronics Recycling Program with partners in the U.S'. All electronic products collected under the LG Electronics Recycling Program are recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

Recycling partners of LG Electronics in US are signatories of the Basel Action Network 'e-Stewards certified', and maintain environmental quality systems accredited to the requirements of 'ISO 14001'.
(LG Electronics joined BAN's the e-Stewards Global Enterprise program.)

Furthermore, LG open individual 'web-site of recycling program in the U.S' to provide consumers with a free and convenient way of recycling their used, unwanted or obsolete LG consumer electronic products.
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LG Electronics held a 'voluntary take-back' collection event regularly. And since 2011, LG Electronics expands a voluntary take-back collection in the USA as a national sponsor of KAB.


LG Electronics also provides take-back program for all LG Electronics-branded packaging at no cost for the consumers.


LG Electronics currently has a contract to recycle LG-brand lithium ion batteries with Call2Recycle. If your battery is not working you should drop it off at one of Call2Recycle's retailer collection sites or mail it to them. If you have a working cell phone that you wish to send postage-free to LG's recycler, make sure you drain the battery and turn the phone off before mailing. Any brand of cell phone may be shipped to LG's recycler free of charge.
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In Canada, LG Electronics provides take-back program for regulated provinces.
For more information, please contact below recyclers:

Information of Recyclers in Canada