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Take-back & Recycling Global network

Customers can return the end-of-life product to the established take-back system by LG Electronics. Please see below for the details how to recycle LG product.

See details of LG Electronics’ Requirements for recycler

Global Network



Since August 2007, LG Electronics has made available 392 mobile phone drop-off points and are expanding the global accessibility of take-back channels to all customers. To maximize resource efficiency through mobile phone recycling, LG Electronics works closely with all mobile phone supply chains including telecommunication service providers, distributors, merchandisers, service centers, and the recycling industry.


LG Electronics is offering mail back service, which enables you to send back your LG branded phone. Customers can download the label from the web-site, and mail without extra cost.

LG Electronics held a voluntary take-back collection event regularly. And since 2011, LG Electronics expands a voluntary take-back collection in the USA as a national sponsor of KAB.

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LG Electronics also is participated in a voluntary take-back and recycling program for mobile phones. Recycling bag and free postage service are provided for customers under this program.

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