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Many customers might think that end-of-life mobile phones are worthless, but they still contain many reusable or recyclable materials. This means that leaving old phones in your desk drawer is a huge waste of valuable resources. Let's see how all parts of mobile phone could be recycled.


Mobile Phone Voluntary Take-back Image
- Valuable metals are used as component materials for the circuit board, LCD module, and camera module.
- During the smelting process, valuable metals such as gold, silver, and copper can be retrieved from these electronic parts
- The metals that are retrieved can be used for new electronic parts or can be sold separately on their own.

Mobile Phone Voluntary Take-back Image
- Plastic materials are used for structural components such as the case and cover.
- The plastic materials that have been collected are recycled as energy resources after going through a heat recovery process. Alternatively, they can be used as a form of recycled plastic once they have been broken down and processed.
- Recycled plastic can be used to produce products such as traffic cones, plastic fencing, and car bumpers.

Mobile Phone Voluntary Take-back Image
- It is important to collect batteries separately, given the variety of batteries that are used. Li-Ion batteries are frequently used in mobile phones.
- Cobalt can be collected once the batteries have been pretreated to avoid the risk of explosion during the recycling process.
- It is possible to sell the cobalt that is collected or use it as a raw material for products such as padlocks and speakers.

Mobile Phone Voluntary Take-back Image
- Paper is the main component used in packaging.
- Paper can be recycled.
- It is then used as recycled paper or in products made of paper.