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Green and Social Economy

LG Electronics strives to achieve sustainable growth by utilizing its products and technologies to make “innovation for a better life.” and to support for green and social economy. Our vision is coming together around the world through initiatives that take advantage of our products and technologies. We also established the CSR marketing committee to facilitate regular collaboration between related departments and plans to use it as a framework for expanding opportunities for developing products and implementing technologies that contribute to society.


A support program for start-up social enterprises in the environment sector was conceived by LG Electronics and LG Chem with the aim of providing comprehensive support to start-up social enterprises in the environment sector through multilateral cooperation between the public sector, private sector, industry, and academia.
The program provides start-up social enterprises with a wide range of support, including grants to promote their organizational capabilities, business independency, and sustainability. The program strives to build and foster a success model for social enterprises in the environment sector and pursues a strong and collaborative network with related organizations to ensure that necessary support is provided effectively and efficiently. Further details are as follows:

  1. Beneficiaries of Program
    • - Start-up social enterprises with high potential to make strong growth and great contributions to their communities
  2. Program Operation Model
    • - Effective utilization of disparate expertise of stakeholders, including businesses, government agencies, and NGOs
      (Multilateral Cooperation)
  3. Way to support
    • - Financial Support: Combination of grants and loans, Incentives provided to high performers
    • - Technological Support: Productivity improvement consulting from the Labor Union of LG Electronics
    • - Training Support: Monthly seminars, workshops, and overseas training opportunities
    • - Distribution Support: Joint marketing at industry forums and trade fairs
  4. Other: Development and implementation of KPI for social enterprises in the environment sector

Since 2011, we have operated the “LG Social Fund” and provided support to 53 organizations (excluding repeat beneficiaries) over the past four years. The LG Social Fund primarily provides financial support to social economy organizations, offering free financing during their start-up phase and interest-free loans during their growth/maturity phase. Beneficiaries also receive a wide range of management support, including management training, networking support, and productivity consulting from the Labor Union of LG Electronics. In 2014, we held a contest for college students to submit ideas for promoting social economy, with the top five teams rewarded with special awards.


  • - Mosquito Away Air Conditioner : Africa and Asia

    Introduced to Nigerians in 2012, the Mosquito Away Air Conditioner features a special ultra sonic wave developed by LG Electronics to chase away malaria-causing mosquitoes. The air conditioner’s effectiveness for repelling mosquitoes has been proven by respected certification agencies, such as Intertek and TUV NORD. In addition, the air conditioner works smoothly even with unstable power supplies and features a powerful compressor that ensures 24-hour operation even in a harsh exterior climate, such as sand storms and high temperatures, delivering features genuinely helpful to local residents. LG Electronics also introduced the product to Myanmar and Bangladesh and other Asian countries exposed to the danger of malaria causing mosquitoes, to support local communities to handle the problem effectively.

  • -Solar Powered Refrigerator: Sudan and Peru

    LG Electronics developed a solar powered refrigerator for Sudanese and Peruvian residents living in regions that have no power supply and donated 20 units through World Vision. The refrigerators will be used at local facilities for children and the elderly that require refrigerators to store medical and food supplies, including vaccines.

  • -Solar Power Generation System: Sri Lanka and Cambodia

    In order to help communities improve their power infrastructure, the Labor Union of LG Electronics donated solar power generation systems to Cambodia and Sri Lanka. After carefully considering what local residents need most urgently to improve the quality of life and education, the Labor Union decided to donate solar power generation systems and ancillary equipment. Thanks to the systems, local children are now able to use computers in a well-lighted and air conditioned classroom for the first time in their lives and make encounters with advanced technology through videos. The Labor Union also installed solar powered streetlights for the low-income neighborhood to provide a safer environment to local residents.

  • - Oven Range : LG Home Chef Championship

    In an effort to raise funding and public awareness on social contribution with cause marketing, LG Electronics, in partnership with the WFP, hosted a global cooking contest featuring its Light-wave Oven Range. In order to raise funds to support female refugees from Congo, LG Electronics made a USD 5 donation for every contest participant. With passionate support from 14 overseas subsidiaries, the campaign raised a total of USD 100,000 and awareness on the issue through social media coverage of the event. During the final round of the contest held in Cape Town, South Africa, LG Electronics took the finalists to visit “Infinity Culinary Training,” a local culinary school run by an NPO, to provide a cooking class using the LG Light-wave Oven Range to students, and donated our products.

  • - LG Hope Screen

    Since 2012, LG Electronics has made our Times Square digital billboard available to international organizations, including the UNDP and UNEP, to raise public awareness of global issues such as poverty eradication and environmental protection, by featuring public announcement videos. In 2013, the LG Hope Screen program was expanded to the UK’s Piccadilly Circus. In Germany, we joined forces with the Bundesliga football club Bayer 04 Leverkusen and offered uniform advertisement rights to a local children’s heart foundation for three games, during which the Leverkusen squad played in official club uniforms bearing the foundation’s logo. The players also auctioned off autographed large-size posters and donated all the proceeds to the foundation. This year, we offered our Times Square (U.S.) and Piccadilly Circus (U.K.) digital billboards to the UNEP, the WFP, and the UN Global Compact to feature public announcement videos. In 2014, we also joined forces with the Bundesliga football club Bayer 04 Leverkusen and offered uniform advertisement rights to a local children’s heart foundation. The Leverkusen squad members also auctioned off their autographed posters and donated all the proceeds to the foundation.