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In the “Charter of Social Contribution” established in 2005, LG Electronics declared, "LG Electronics operates its corporate citizenship programs by forming partnerships between labor and management, executives and employees, customers and local community citizens, and related NPO/NGOs." In order to remain true to this pledge, we make social contribution efforts such as donations and volunteer work in local communities where we conduct business, both in Korea and overseas. Based on the operation principles of the LG Social Contribution Policy introduced in 2012, LG Electronics strives to create a corporate culture that promotes employees’ voluntary participation and introduced a program that offer paid leave for volunteer work in March 2013.

Global Volunteer Day(GLOBAL)

In celebration of World Environment Day (June 5), we organize the “Global Volunteer Day” event at our business sites across the world.

Union Social Responsibility(GLOBAL)

In order to build up on our labor-management relations that create differentiated value and present a new direction for the labor union of a global corporation, the LGE Labor Union declared Union Social Responsibility (USR) in January 2010 as a pledge for social responsibility and customer respect. Since the USR declaration, the LGE Labor Union has been continuously carrying out social contribution initiatives that demonstrate shared commitment of labor and management towards corporate social responsibility.

Life’s Good Volunteers(KOREA)

Since 2005, volunteer activities by LGE Employees expanded to talent donation with the 2010 launching of the “Life’s Good Volunteers.” A total of 80 volunteer groups selected from 11 business sites in Korea utilize their special talents, interests, and expertise in a variety of volunteer works that bring them closer to local communities, including photo shoots for elderly citizens and mural paintings for community beautification. As of December 2012, more than 3,000 employees participated in the program.


In order to facilitate employee donations, LG Electronics runs diverse programs such as “Executive Contribution Fund” and “Salary Rounding Fund,” and bi-monthly donation menu program.