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Volunteering & Donation

Employees are actively involved in our social contribution initiatives, volunteering their time and talents for causes that help their communities. Guided by the Charter of Social Contribution established in 2005 and the LG Social Contribution Policy introduced in 2012, we strive to create a corporate culture that promotes employees’ voluntary participation in social contribution efforts. We will continuously provide corporate-level policy support to expand employee participation at every business site and to create more opportunities for talented employees to share their professional expertise and knowledge with communities.

Volunteer Day & Blood Donation Campaign (Global)

LG Electronics operates diverse social contribution programs to provide our employees with more opportunities to participate in volunteer activities. In celebration of World Environment Day (June 5), we organize the “Global Volunteer Day” event every year at our business sites across the world as part of the LGE Labor Union’s URS (Union Social Responsibility) initiatives. In 2013, global LGE employees from all of our business sites in Korea and 40 overseas subsidiaries (including India, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Mexico) organized events in line with this year’s theme “Reducing Food Waste,” such as composting food waste, tree planting, and engaging in campaigns for reducing food waste. In 2014, employees from 14 business sites in Korea and 25 overseas subsidiaries (including China, Russia, and Sweden) organized events in line with this year’s theme “Raise Your Voice Not The Sea Level.” In addition, LG Electronics has been organizing an annual “Global Blood Donation Campaign.” In 2013, 1,540 employees from 12 business sites in Korea and 12 overseas subsidiaries participated and donated blood. In 2014, 3,778 employees from 14 business sites in Korea and 16 overseas subsidiaries participated. In conjunction with the event, we ran an SNS campaign in Korea, pledging KRW 1,000 for each message posted on social media sites. The fund raised through the campaign was donated to treat young leukemia patients.

Union Social Responsibility (GLOBAL)

In order to build up on our labor-management relations that create differentiated value and present a new direction for the labor union of a global corporation, the LGE Labor Union declared Union Social Responsibility (USR) in January 2010 as a pledge for social responsibility and customer respect. Since the USR declaration, the LGE Labor Union has been continuously carrying out social contribution initiatives that demonstrate shared commitment of labor and management towards corporate social responsibility.

Life’s Good Volunteers (KOREA)

Since 2005, volunteer activities by LGE Employees expanded to talent donation with the 2010 launching of the “Life’s Good Volunteers.” A total of 80 volunteer groups selected from 11 business sites in Korea utilize their special talents, interests, and expertise in a variety of volunteer works that bring them closer to local communities, including photo shoots for elderly citizens and mural paintings for community beautification. As of December 2013, more than 1,489 employees participated in the program. Throughout the year 2014, 1,533 employees from 117 volunteer groups participated in a wide range of volunteer projects, such as running science classes for the local children’s center and providing free electronics repair service to welfare facilities. The number of volunteer group members increased by 50 people from the previous year.

Workday Volunteer Program (Korea)

As part of our efforts to promote employee volunteering, we introduced the “Workday Volunteer Program” in 2013. Under the program, employees can take up to 8 hours of paid leave to volunteer on weekdays every year by signing up on the scheduling system. In 2013, a total of 773 employees took advantage of the program and volunteered a total of 4,208 hours. In 2014, 739 employees took advantage of the program and volunteered a total of 4,476 hours (up 200 hours from the previous year) to help people with disabilities make their field trips, take care of babies at the facility for single mothers, and install heaters for elderlies who live alone.

Life’s Good Day (Korea)

On the second Friday of every even month, LG Electronics operates Life’s Good Day at company cafeterias across Korean business sites. On the event day, company cafeterias offer a reduced price menu, and the employees who choose that menu pay the original price and donate the difference. The fund raised through Life’s Good Day events is directed to helping children from underprivileged backgrounds and supporting free lunch programs. Launched in 2011, the Life’s Good Day program was expanded to new business sites (Incheon Campus and Gangnam R&D Center) in 2014. In 2014, more than 83,000 employees participated to support children waiting for adoption, welfare centers for the disabled, and soup kitchens for homeless people.

Salary Rounding Fund & Executive Fund (Korea)

LG Electronics makes diverse efforts to create a corporate culture and environment that encourages employees to make donations in their everyday lives. One of these programs is the Salary Rounding Fund, which is raised by voluntary participation of more than 96% of LGE Korea employees who donate less than KRW 1,000 from their monthly salaries. In 2013, the fund was directed to emergency disaster relief efforts for the victims of a typhoon that ravaged the Philippines.
Launched in 2004, the Executive Contribution Fund is another employee donation program operated with the participation of about 80% of LGE Korea executives. In 2014, the fund was used to support health awareness campaign in Asia and the LG Hope Vaccination in Ethiopia.
In May 2013, executives representing diverse organizations established a steering committee to discuss the longer-term direction for the fund. Based on the discussion, the committee decided to support the IVI’s cholera vaccine development and the health awareness campaign in Myanmar. The committee also decided to direct part of the fund to supporting employee family members suffering from intractable diseases.