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As a global corporation with business operations throughout the world, LG Electronics operates social contribution programs that address local issues. In Asia and Africa, emerging markets with high potential for growth, we implement initiatives that address the specific needs of each country to make our CSR slogan, “Life’s Good with LG,” come to life. In the mid-to long-term, LG Electronics plans to develop social contribution programs in conjunction with core capability such as products and technologies for communities in need of social infrastructure, while striving to help communities address their local issues by collaborating with professional organizations.


As part of its longer-term commitment for expanding global CSR programs, LG Electronics launched the LG Hope Series in 2009 for those in need in Asia and Africa. Since 2012, we also have been working together with LG Corp. in Ethiopia to run the LG Hope Community, which aims to help low income Ethiopians achieve sustainable livelihoods.

  • - Self-Sustainable Farming Village: LG Hope Village

    With more than 80 percent of Ethiopia’s population depend their livelihoods on farming, LG Electronics is focusing on R&D projects and training programs to increase agricultural productivity, thus assisting the country’s farming families to achieve sustainable livelihoods. In 2012, LG Electronics launched the LG Hope Community in Sendafa of the Oromia region. In 2013, we focused on establishing basic infrastructure for the community, such as wells, roads, and solar power stations. In 2014, we constructed a 5-hectare pilot farm in the community and began training young community leaders on techniques for small-scale vegetable and chicken farming with cooperation from World Together (NGO) and Cheonan Yonam College. We estimate that these efforts have increased the income of community members by more than 30 percent since the initial stage of this project. We also supply electricity to the community with the LG Solar Station and the Mobile Solar Charging Kit. According to the full survey conducted at the end of 2014 by LG Electronics on the impact of the program, 150 households from the community expressed the most satisfaction with clean drinking water, followed by roads (for improving access to markets), power station, and vegetable gardening classes. For the next three years, LG Electronics plans to focus on transferring farming techniques to community members, which we believe will increase the quality of life and real income for these people by helping them create new sources of income.

  • - Talent Cultivation: LG Hope TVET College

    In 2014, LG Electronics opened a vocational school in Ethiopia to foster a technical workforce for the country by leveraging its strength in electronics repair. The school will train 75 students annually through its three-year electronics repair course. In order to increase the effectiveness of training, we plan to send out our Master Repair Engineers to teach the class. We expect this program to help meet the workforce demand from the local industry as well as to create income sources for young Ethiopians. This program is operated as part of public and private partnership programs with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), which has extensive experience in international development projects and comprehensive knowledge of local conditions.

  • - LG Hope Vaccination

    Since 2010, LG Electronics has worked together with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) to develop cholera vaccines and vaccinate Ethiopians against the disease. The cholera vaccine developed by the IVI obtained clinical approval from the WHO in 2013 and has been administered to more than 40,000 people as of March 2015. In addition to the vaccination program, LG Electronics provides hygiene awareness class to help prevent the contraction of the disease.

  • - Health Awareness Campaigns in Asia

    LG Electronics first launched the health awareness campaign in 2013 for medically underserved people in Myanmar and expanded the program to include Bangladesh and Cambodia in 2014. Recognizing that rural communities in these countries have limited access to medical and cultural services, we developed a program that provides free medical service and cultural events to address their needs. In Myanmar, we teamed up with the Seoul National University Hospital to visit eight medically underserved towns in the country’s rural regions and provide free medical checkup, while partnering with Good Neighbors in Bangladesh to tour seven provincial towns and provide free medical check-up and health-hygiene awareness classes. In Cambodia, we visited five towns and provided free medical/ dental check-up and health-hygiene awareness classes. In the year 2014, LG Electronics organized 22 health awareness campaign sessions to provide free medical service to over 12,400 people and hosted health-hygiene awareness classes and cultural events for 33,117 people.

  • - Emergency Relief

    LG Electronics actively participates in international emergency relief effort for countries and regions hard hit by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. In August 2014, LG Electronics, together with LG Corp., made a donation to the Red Cross Society of China to help more than 230,000 victims of the Ludian earthquake (Yunnan Province). Our donation was used to establish LG Hope Schools in the county. In December 2014, LG Electronics donated 2,000 units of smartphones to assist the international Ebola response coordinated by the UN OCHA. These smartphones are being used for monitoring the situation and collecting critical data in Ebola-affected regions, including Liberia and Sierra Leon.