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LG Electronics operates the “LG Hope Series” program to help the underprivileged in developing countries to achieve self-reliance and works to eradicate waterborne diseases to further facilitate its efforts. We also participate in emergency relief missions in regions ravaged by natural disasters and armed conflicts to create a caring world. Our efforts are not limited to financial support - we also make our professional capabilities and marketing infrastructure available to public organizations to advance great causes championed by the organizations.

LG Hope Series

The “LG Hope Family” Program is a local infrastructure improvement project led by the UN World Food Programme in Bangladesh and Cambodia in partnership with the respective national governments. LG Electronics selected about 7,000 households that participated in the construction projects (i.e. roads and canal) and provided food and cash in exchange for their labor. For two years since the project was launched in 2011, a total of 20 km of roads, waterways and levees (combined) were constructed in Bangladesh under this project.

In Ethiopia, LG Electronics, in partnership with LG Corp., launched the “LG Hope Community” program aimed to promote the economic development of local communities, and cooperated with the International Vaccine Institute to develop a vaccine for waterborne diseases. We have acquired the approval on the vaccine from the World Health Organization (WHO) and plan to launch a large scale vaccination effort