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LG Electronics’ Social Contribution Strategy based on its management philosophy of “Customer-Value Creation” and “People-Oriented Management,” LG Electronics strives to deliver differentiated value for sustainable development of the humanity and makes social contributions that cater to the needs of local communities. In line with the LG Social Contribution Strategy adopted by LG Corp., LG Electronics focused our efforts on providing support to those who strive to reach their dreams in 2012. We also strive to contribute to meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals with social contribution efforts that utilize our products, technologies and core competencies. Going forward, LG Electronics will provide active support to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), from "The Future we want" announced at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, Brazil.

Charter of Social Contribution

As a global company, LG Electronics fulfills its social responsibility by showing love for those who have dreams and contributing to making a better society where everyone can lead a happy life.

1. LG Electronics actively supports those who strive to reach (realize) their dreams

2. LG Electronics operates its corporate citizenship programs by forming partnerships between labor and management, executives and employees, customers and local community citizens, and related NPO/NGOs.

3. LG Electronics conducts its corporate citizenship activities from a long-term perspective.

4. LG Electronics focuses on the areas of social welfare, education and cultural activities by means of sponsorship, financial aid and volunteer work.

5. As a global corporate citizen, LG Electronics conducts its corporate citizenship activities wherever it does business.

Key Social Contribution Activities

One of the LG Way management philosophies, “Customer-Value Creation,” conveys our belief that we need to identify customer needs even before they themselves realize it. We strive to identify the needs of stakeholders, including potential customers and local community members, and to deliver differentiated value, especially by making social contribution efforts. In 2012, LG Electronics actively engaged in social contribution initiatives designed to support self-reliance of the underprivileged, foster young talents, and protect the environment.

Achievements in 2012

In 2012, LG Electronics made a total of KRW 19.4 billion in donations (11 Korean business sites), and 71% of our donations were directed to poverty eradication and environmental protection. A total of 37 LGE overseas subsidiaries also participated in social contribution initiatives. We issued 27 press releases on our social contribution efforts to Korean media outlets

2012 Social Contribution Performance against London Benchmarking Group(LBG) Model

Future Direction

To this end, we will make the following efforts. Firstly, we will expand our corporate level social contribution program “Life’s Good with LG” to all our overseas subsidiaries to contribute to every country and local community munity in which we operate. Secondly, we will utilize our products, technologies and core competencies to make a tangible difference in local communities. Finally, we will continue to implement systems and programs designed to raise awareness of corporate social responsibility among our employees and to engage them in volunteer works and donations based on “Creativity and Autonomy.”

LG Corp's Social Contribution Policy

LGE's New Corporate CSR Slogan

UN Millennium Development Goals